Coming Soon: Windows 10 Devices With Hidden Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft PCs running the Windows 10 operating system will soon offer users a new way to keep their devices secure: a keyboard with a hidden fingerprint sensor built into one of the keys. According to the company behind the sensor technology, such devices could eventually enable "a future without passwords".

Developed by a Sweden-based biometrics component company called Fingerprint Cards, the built-in sensor is "coming soon" in the Microsoft Modern Keyboard priced at $129.99. The accessory will support both wired and wireless use, according to Microsoft.

The fingerprint ID-enabled keyboard is a first for such an accessory, as it incorporates a biometric sensor into what looks like an ordinary keyboard key, according to Fingerprints. Developed as part of its new focus on Windows 10 PCs announced earlier this year, the low-profile, aluminum-top keyboard will help users verify their identities for secure online purchasing, Fingerprints said.

PC Security Needs 'Very High'

"This launch is a very interesting step for the rapidly moving PC industry," Niklas Strid, Fingerprint's senior vice president for the PC and embedded business line, said yesterday in a company news announcement. "Security requirements within PC are very high, so this launch is also proof that we're able to expand with our existing product offering."

Strid said that developing biometric technology for PC appications is "quite similar" to what the company has already been doing for mobile devices. Fingerprints makes integrated sensors that are built into a number of smartphones and tabled produced by original equipment manufacturers, and has recently begun moving into new market areas.

"[A]pproximately 10 billion other products are produced each year -- such as smartcards and door locks -- which could all be made more secure and easier to use if fitted with a biometric solution," president and CEO Christian Fredrikson noted in the company's 2016 year-end...

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