Comcast Unleashes 2 Gbps Internet Speeds in Atlanta

Defying Google FiberEUs leadership and AT&TEUs emergence in the nascent market, Comcast is throwing its cable into the high-speed Internet ring. In fact, Comcast will offer the fastest Internet in Atlanta, the first stop in its new rollout.

The company will start rolling out its Gigabit Pro residential Internet service that offers symmetrical 2 gigabits-per-second speeds over fiber in more cities soon, said Marcien Jenckes, executive vice president of Consumer Services at Comcast Cable. By the end of the year, Gigabit Pro should be in about 18 million homes, offering speeds at least double of anything else in the industry to date.

EUGigabit Pro is a professional-grade residential fiber-to-the-home solution that leverages our fiber network to deliver 2 Gbps upload and download speeds,EU said Jenckes. EUWeEUve spent a decade building a national fiber backbone across 145,000 route miles of fiber. This new service will be available to customers that are within close proximity to our fiber network.EU

What Will it Cost?

AT&T started delivering U-verse with GigaPower, along with more advanced TV services and features, in Dec. 2013 at 1 Gbps. Initially reaching tens of thousands of customers in the Austin area, the company pushed into Kanas City earlier this year, still at 1 Gbps. ThatEUs half the speed Comcast is offering. Comcast didnEUt reveal pricing or exact timing. AT&T and Google, meanwhile, are battling it out on the 1 Gbps front.

HereEUs what we know about the current competitive landscape in terms of pricing: AT&T offers more for the same price, but there appears to be a catch. The GigaPower service cost $79 a month, which is on par with Google Fiber. But AT&T has some fine-print charges.

In its disclaimers, AT&T makes it clear that, EUU-verse with AT&T GigaPower Premier offer is available with agreement from customers to participate in AT&T Internet Preferences....

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