Cloud Wars Define Next Revolution in Cloud Computing

Experts in a panel discussion titled "Who will win the cloud wars: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM -- or traditional carriers?" agreed that Google, Amazon and Microsoft are locked in a battle to define the next revolution in cloud computing. Cloud, they added, will continue to evolve over the next few years and demand will surge, pushing most companies to move to the cloud in one way or the other.

The debate, chaired by Mike Sapien, principal analyst, Enterprise Services at Ovum, took place at the NetEvents Global Press and Analyst IOT and Cloud Innovation Summit held in California, US last week.

Michael Segal, director of marketing at NetScout Systems, said digital transformation is disrupting many markets today and this contributes to the cloud wars between the leading providers.

"Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over one million cloud enterprise customers, making more than $6 billion US dollars in revenue annually. Microsoft Azure, which is now leading the platform as a service market, is a serious challenger to AWS. And then there is IBM, with their strategy of cloud solutions, they are also headed towards challenging Amazon. The question is what will happen when digital transformation accelerates this transition and creates disruption opportunities?" asked Segal.

Pravin Mahajan, director of product and corporate marketing at Infinera, believes there is an interesting dynamic brought about by Google, Amazon, Microsoft cloud services in that they have encouraged the smaller traditional players to evolve and invest more in data center assets in order to stay in the game.

"The clear winners in the cloud wars -- Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google, have indicated pretty much the same market share for the past three or four years, once they reach a certain scale, it's hard to see them getting dislodged from the top three positions. Traditional players are losing revenue of around...

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