Cloud Technology Partners Rolls Out PaaSLane 2.0

Cloud Technology Partners, a provider of cloud solutions, announced the general availability (GA) of PaaSLane, a software solution that analyzes Java and.NET application source code to uncover problems that could impact cloud readiness, and accelerates the migration of applications to public or private clouds.

According to a release, PaaSLane assesses existing Java and.NET apps; finding coding errors, hardcoded dependencies, security issues, scalability problems, and other factors, which could derail an application migration project. By reducing the need for manual code reviews, which are labor intensive and time consuming, PaaSLane can shorten migration times by months and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost.

The company reported that PaaSLane enables its users to:-Assess application source code to determine cloud readiness, identifying wins that can be migrated immediately and prioritizing scarce resources-Accelerate cloud migrations and the development of cloud- native software by integrating into the software development lifecycle and tracking progress towards cloud readiness-Optimize applications for evolving cloud platforms by checking every build for cloud readiness and delivering real-time intelligence on changes in major cloud platforms

Additionally, PaaSLane includes complete support for Java and C#.NET, and assesses cloud readiness for all major private and public cloud platforms. Building on support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced last year, PaaSLane 2.0 includes support for other cloud platforms including Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal CloudFoundry, and Apprenda. Additional new features with this GA release include: a redesigned reporting interface, live drill-down into alert detail, interactive charting, and new options for delivering both management-level and detail reports in PDF and Excel formats.

"The use of cloud for enterprise workloads is skyrocketing, driving the need for solutions that reduce the risk and cost of migrating applications to the cloud, and that is where PaaSLane shines," said Ben Grubin, Director of Product Management at Cloud Technology Partners. "By using...

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