Cloud Security Still ‘Disruptive’ Trend in 2015

Security, especially in connection with cloud-based services, will be among the top IT trends likely to disrupt the market in 2015, according to a report from analyst firm 451 Research. Unfortunately for both enterprises and their stakeholders, security will continue to be driven mostly by reactive -- rather than proactive -- forces.

The other "6 Cs of 2015" that 451 Research foresees as dominant trends in the coming year include containers, convergence, closets (as in server closets), crowd workers and coexistence, which involves data management moving from an area led by IT pros alone to one accessible to other users via self-service and visual analysis tools.

"The growth in IT and mobility means that security will follow suit, roughly two years behind," noted the 451 report. "Not only are new products coming along to match IT developments and widespread vulnerabilities, but they're also all claiming to be complementary to the existing security. This will cause enterprises to pile on more layers in the coming year."

Visibility is Key

We reached out to Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research, to learn more about what 2015 might bring to an IT environment that has already experienced numerous security shocks this year.

"One of the keys here is really visibility," Sanabria said. With traditional IT tools -- and even some of the "hottest" new security solutions -- it's difficult to have "any idea of what's going on in your environment at any time," he said.

In the case of cloud security that means many enterprises will continue strugging to get the insights they need into how employees connect with their IT infrastructures and access and share company data. Early on, many organizations thought the best solution to BYOD (bring-your-own-device) challenges was through mobile device management, or MDM. The MDM space, however, has...

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