Citrix Buys Virtual Storage Firm Sanbolic

Desktop virtualization firm Citrix is making virtualized storage moves with the acquisition of Sanbolic. The company has made a name for itself in workload-oriented storage virtualization technologies.

Specifically, Sanbolic technology makes it possible for IT to software-define storage to optimize delivery of application-specific workloads from any media type, including SSD, Flash and hard drives in NAS, SAN, server-side and cloud deployments. The promised result: improved storage load balancing, application availability and delivering the highest-performance end-user experience.

EUThere are tremendous synergies between our companies,EU said Momchil Michailov, CEO and cofounder of Sanbolic. He expects the acquisition to make enterprise data and workloads EUhighly available and elastic based on changing business demands.EU

Tackling Problems Head On

While server hardware and software licensing costs are well understood, Citrix noted that storage many times presents the biggest barrier to cost-effective and seamless implementations. By integrating Sanbolic technology into the mix, Citrix can roll out new solutions to address these challenges.

EUCitrix is able to address this problem head-on, delivering solutions to our customers that simplify the infrastructure and reduce the overall cost of deployment and management,EU said Geir Ramleth, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Citrix. EUSanbolic has built a highly-skilled team that joins us today, which accelerates our ability to deliver simpler and more cost-effective solutions to our customers.EU

As Citrix sees it, the Sanbolic acquisition helps the company solve customer challenges. For example, enterprises will now be able to deploy virtual apps and VDI across their organizations -- and guarantee workload service level agreements through the platformEUs enhanced quality of service. Citrix calls it a EUhyper-converged solutionsEU that will allow customers to use their existing storage, networking and compute infrastructures, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Where Does Citrix Go Next?

Sanbolic allows customer deployments to be geo-distributed across multiple locations and clouds. The solution...

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