Cisco Talks Security: All Hands on Deck

Networking giant Cisco is sounding the alarm on security, calling for an EUall-hands-on-deckEU approach to defend against escalating cyberattacks. CiscoEUs 2015 Annual Security Report examines both threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends and includes stark warnings for enterprises large and small.

We already know that attackers are getting better and better at tapping into security gaps without detection. Security teams, which Cisco dubs EUdefenders,EU need to stay on par with the ever-increasing sophisticated attack methods. At the same time, geopolitical motivations are adding a layer of complexity to the threat protection equation, as are conflicting requirements that local laws impose with respect to data sovereignty, data localization and encryption.

Cybercriminals are certainly expanding their tactics and adapting their techniques to carry out cyberattack campaigns that are harder to detect and analyze. Cisco identifies the top three threat intelligence trends as: snowshoe spam, in which a spammer uses a wide array of IP addresses to spread out the spam load; Web exploits hiding in plain sight; and malicious combinations, like Flash and Java exploits.

Protecting the Full Stack

Security needs an all-hands-on-deck approach, where everybody contributes, from the boardroom to individual users, said John Stewart, senior vice president and chief security and trust officer at Cisco.

EUWe used to worry about DoS, now we also worry about data destruction. We once worried about IP theft, now we worry about critical services failure. Our adversaries are increasingly proficient, exploit our weaknesses and hide their attacks in plain sight,EU Stewart said.

EUSecurity must provide protection across the full attack continuum and technology must be bought that is designed and built with that in mind," he added. "Online services must be run with resiliency in mind, and all of these moves must happen now to tip the scales and protect our future. It requires leadership, cooperation, and accountability like never...

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