Cisco Live’s Biggest News and Revelations

The Cisco Live event wraps up in Las Vegas today, but the five-day conference has already produced a number of announcements and new product launches, including the Security Connector for iOS, a new line of programmable switches, and a commitment to turn the company's focus toward software from hardware.

Cisco's new vision is summed up in its "network intuitive" initiative, unveiled earlier this week. The framework combines a variety of technologies the company has been focusing on in recent years, including software-defined networking, software-defined access, network function virtualization, APIs and intelligent WAN capabilities.

Cisco's New Era

The network intuitive is intended to represent a new era at Cisco and a long-term vision for its future, with a focus on helping enterprises extract the most value possible from their data, according to the company. The new approach is designed to be much more automated than previous approaches, with a greater focus on setting policies rather than writing particular lines of code.

That should help make enterprises' code bases smaller and more efficient, while also freeing up a considerable amount of developers who could then work on higher level issues. Networks as a whole should also be much more intelligent as a result of the new approach, while devices will be easier to deploy and secure.

The network intuitive concept involves an intent-based approach toward networking in which networks are programmed using machine learning technology to automatically adapt to the needs of their users. IT departments can do that by defining the appropriate policies for their companies' networks.

One example of the new products that are part of the network intuitive approach is the Cisco Security Connector, a new tool designed to provide companies with greater visibility, control, and privacy for iOS devices connected to corporate networks. The company, which brought Apple CEO...

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