Cisco Gets Serious About Digital Business, IoT Security

Networking giant Cisco is throwing down the Internet of Things (IoT) gauntlet with four new digital solutions for industries and a new IoT security portfolio.

ItEUs all about helping customers navigate transition. Digital disruption will displace 40 percent of leading companies today from their market positions in the next five years, according to research conducted by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

What should keep CIOs up at night is the reality that 75 percent of these companies havenEUt even started addressing the risk by prioritizing digital strategies, according to the study.

ItEUs against that backdrop that Cisco unveiled digital solutions for manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas to help companies connect machines and assets, shatter information silos, and ultimately digitize data that can be integrated across business lines. Cisco also announced new IoT security solutions to help guard against system disruption and assure compliance.

CiscoEUs Industry Pitch

HereEUs CiscoEUs pitch: industries need to increase productivity, deliver more value and create better customer experiences if they hope to compete effectively. But there are obstacles, including operational silos that separate people, machines, systems, information, and even entire business areas.

To break down the silos, Cisco is rolling out Connected Machines for Digital Manufacturing [Pictured; Image: Cisco], a connected architecture that aims to redefine secure, efficient, visible operations. The company also announced the Smart Connected Pipeline for Digital Oil and Gas, a connected architecture that promises oil and gas companies more control over their pipelines.

On the utilities front, Cisco introduced Substation Security for Digital Utilities, a connected architecture that theoretically paves the way for secure power grids and more reliable and efficient service. Finally, Connected Mass Transit for Digital Transportation is a connected architecture that aims to the deliver greater safety, mobility, and a better passenger experience.

The Big IoT Picture

Cisco is also focused...

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