Chip Boss Lisa Su Has AMD Heading in the Right Direction

It's not hyberbolic to say that Lisa Su, chief executive of Advanced Micro Devices, is a mover. In her three years as CEO at AMD, Su [seen here] has moved the chipmaker to become one of the leading players for chips used in graphics, gaming and other high-end processors. This week, the company found itself working with longtime rival Intel, to make a graphics processor unit that will be integrated into a new Intel chipset aimed at Nvidia, a mutual competitor.

AMD's recent chipsets, such as Ryzen, Epyc and Threadripper, have garnered high marks from analysts. And investors have thought highly enough of what AMD has done that they have more-than-doubled the company's share price over the last year, to around $14.10.

But Su is literally moving, too. AMD is preparing to leave its long-time Sunnyvale headquarters for a new location in Santa Clara. Su said the new headquarters is on track to open in late November.

"I feel we're on the next phase of the company," Su said in a recent meeting at AMD's current headquarters. "I'm very proud of what we've done, but I feel we have a lot more to do."

Su talked about her career, how she came to America as a child, and about AMD's position in today's chip market. Her comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Q: You've been CEO of AMD for three years now. If you look back three years ago, what was it about this opportunity that made you think, "This is what I should do."?

A: I grew up as a semiconductor person, and when you think about the U.S. semiconductor industry, there are very few companies that can operate at this type of scale and that have this type of technology. I love high-performance technologies, the stuff that's the brains of today's products,...

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