‘Chadder’ Joins the Secure Messaging World

Future Tense Central, a privacy-centric company led by John McAfee, unveiled a new private messaging app called Chadder during the Imagine RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) festival on Monday. McAfee, who is known for his role in establishing McAfee Antivirus, is working with Etransfr on the Chadder project. There are few details regarding how the application works, but according to McAfee and the other parties involved, it is a "highly secure system."

Encryption is what makes the messages sent through Chadder private, though there are already some concerns as to how the encryption is applied. The Android version of the app has been released on Google Play and the iOS version is expected to be released in the near future.

The Encryption Question

As with any secure messaging application, encryption is what matters. Given the lack of information regarding how Chadder works, there are some concerns that have already been raised. Many of the concerns have come as a result of discrepancy between the various press materials regarding the encryption process.

Since a press release that was published Monday suggests that the app is practically impenetrable, there are bound to be some questions as to how messages are secured to that extent. We spoke with Andrew at Future Tense Central (aka Future Tense Private Systems) to find out how the app actually protects data. He told us that despite some reports to the contrary, messages are never unencrypted with Chadder.

"The message is never unencrypted, it's encrypted client-side . . . on the server there is no unencrypted version, so there is never any danger of plaintext," Andrew said. Another concern that has been raised more than once revolves around whether the server operator can connect an encryption key to a message and its sender.

According to Andrew and Future Tense, there is...

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