CES Gadget Show: Devices Connect Us from the Crib to Old Age

Umbilical cord? These days, it's more like a USB cord. Whether in the womb or in one's twilight years, our lives are becoming ever more connected. Nowhere has that been more evident than at the annual CES gadget show in Las Vegas, where everything from pregnancy tests to beds to dog bowls now come with apps at the ready, collecting valuable data along the way.

Some offer solutions; others think they're "smart." One starts at the very beginning: life itself.

Bluetooth for Babies

Until now, that three-minute wait for a home pregnancy-test result comes with no built-in distraction beyond staring at the stick to see if one line or two is fading in. No longer. First Response will start selling a Bluetooth-enabled test in the spring that links with a woman's smartphone, recommending BuzzFeed quizzes and videos or health-related articles to pass the time while a clock ticks down the seconds to her result.

The test, which could cost $14.99 or $21.99 depending on the retailer, also claims to tailor itself to the test-taker from the very first yes or no question: Do you want to have a baby? And it doesn't stop once the test is done, as it can track a potential due date, add that to a woman's phone calendar and offer to share the news with selected friends and relatives via email or text.

Man's Best Bluetooth-Enabled Friend

Call it torture or training, but the creators behind Clever Pet hope their $299 light-up dog dish can teach critical thinking to canines. The bowl dishes out portions of food if the pet paws at the correct light; if all goes well, it might eventually train them not to inhale a bowl of food all at once.

The company created several games with the lights that get progressively more difficult the better the dog gets...

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