Businesses Now Have Access to All Their Public Tweets

Twitter is making it easier for enterprise users of its platform to dig through their historical tweets in search of insights to help them better connect with customers and partners. The new Full-Archive Search API launched yesterday lets users of Gnip, the social data provider acquired by Twitter in 2014, search and mine every public tweet they've ever made since the site went live in 2006.

The new offering greatly expands the search capabilities previously provided by Twitter and Gnip's 30-day search tools and Historical PowerTrack. It's being made available as a "premium" solution, although pricing details haven't been published.

Queries using the Full-Archive Search API can use search specifications "to the granularity of a minute, going back to March 2006," according to Gnip. The feature also searches data on native retweets and geo-tagged tweets, both of which became available in 2009, as well as indexed URLs and URL metadata such as titles and descriptions.

'Instant and Complete Access'

"The Full-Archive Search API combines the best aspects of two of Gnip's most popular offerings to solve enterprise business needs with user experiences not previously possible," product manager Adam Tornes, who joined Twitter with the Gnip acquisition, said yesterday in a post on the company's data blog. "By pairing instant accessibility with the full archive of historical tweets, we've created a new premium solution for our ecosystem of partners to deliver historical social data to their own clients."

Tornes noted the new archive feature will let users get better insights into product launches "by instantly analyzing nine years of previous launch conversations." He added it will also help companies compile historical tweet insights for new analytics customers, create real-time Twitter data activity benchmarks for advertising campaigns and use past tweets to better respond to new customer service inquiries.

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