Box and Google Partner on Enterprise Cloud Storage

Enterprise content management platform Box relaunched its service this week with changes designed to make it easier for the company?EU?s enterprise clients to collaborate on documents stored in the cloud. Chief among the new features is a partnership with Google that will integrate the content platform with Google Docs and Google Springboard.

?EU?Millions of our users and customers -- from leading universities like Berkeley and University of Michigan to large global brands like Intuit and Genentech -- rely on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to collaborate in real-time on their data, and Box will soon be integrated as a secure way to manage and store your information,?EU? Jamie Perlman, vice president business development and international expansion at Box, wrote on the company?EU?s official blog.

A New Box for the Cloud

First launched in 2005, Box is trying to reposition itself as a cloud services company. Its main goal is to serve as a central repository for all content and documentation produced by an organization. That strategy includes upgrades to the platform?EU?s user interface, and faster loading and upload speeds to make it easier for companies to collaborate on 3D, 360-degree, and HD files.

The company also rolled out the private beta for Box Relay, a new workflow automation service that allows all the members of an organization to build and manage their own workflows within the platform.

"Instead of having different experiences and tools for all of your content, now all of this information can come together in a central place,?EU? Aaron Levie, Box?EU?s CEO and co-founder (pictured above), said in a separate blog post. ?EU?You don't have to worry about losing great work to a battle with version control or important processes being disconnected from the documents and the teams responsible for them.?EU?

Integrating with Springboard

But it's the partnership with Google that...

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