BlackBerry’s Android Slider To Be Called ‘Priv’

According to information leaked online yesterday BlackBerry's soon-to-be-released, first Android phone will be called the "Priv." The moniker for the device, which up until now has gone by the codename "Venice," could stand for "privacy," although some observers have also speculated it could mean "privilege."

Whatever the phone's other potential attributes, its name is already being met by some BlackBerry fans with some bemusement, if not outright derision. "Ewww what does that mean? LOL," one commenter tweeted. Others, however, said the name won't matter because what they're looking forward to is the device. BlackBerry did not respond to a request for comment on reports about the device's name.

Phone blogger Evan Nelson Blass first revealed the new name in a tweet yesterday evening. The information was later confirmed by the site N4BB, formerly BBLeaks.

'Odd Choice'

"For the Canadian company, this name is a nod to their privacy and security features that are being brought over to Android," N4BB said yesterday. "It's definitely an odd choice of a name though. The word 'Priv' doesn't exactly sound good, but it's short, simple, and easy to pronounce in most languages."

While BlackBerry has been increasingly integrating Android apps and support into its own operating system, it has not yet made a device that runs on anything but its own OS. It's still unclear whether its plans for an Android-based slider smartphone mean it aims to become a two-platform device company. But BlackBerry hasn't signaled its intent to abandon its own OS, which lags far behind Android, iOS and Windows.

Android is the operating system of choice on 52 percent of mobile phones and tablets, while iOS has a nearly 41 percent share, according to the latest stats from NetMarketShare. BlackBerry stands in sixth place with a 1.23 percent share, behind Windows Phone (2.6...

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