BlackBerry Unveils DTEK50, ‘World’s Most Secure Android Smartphone’

Priced considerably lower than BlackBerry's first Android phone, the new DTEK50 is being touted by the Canadian firm as "the world's most secure Android smartphone." Available for pre-ordering today, the $299 DTEK50 is set to ship on August 8.

Faced with steadily declining sales of phones running its proprietary BlackBerry operating system, the company last year came out with its first-ever Android smartphone, the $699 Priv. Aimed at security-conscious professionals, the Priv has seen disappointing sales, which CEO John Chen blamed on the device's steep pricetag.

At less than half the cost of the Priv, the DTEK50 still targets buyers who might be concerned that other Android devices fall short on security. BlackBerry says it will deliver Android security patches for the new phone on the same day they're announced by Google, and has also developed a DTEK app to monitor the device for unauthorized activities by third parties.

App for At-a-Glance Security Performance

The DTEK50 "puts how you share the details of your private life -- pictures, locations, texts, and more -- entirely under your control," director of product marketing Trudy Koen wrote today on the Inside BlackBerry blog. The phone's DTEK app, she added, not only monitors for potential privacy risks but provides users with information on when and how to improve their device security.

"With just a quick glimpse, DTEK tells you the overall security rating for your device (excellent, fair, or poor) along with suggestions for improving it," Koen noted. "It also tracks your applications and notifies you when an app's doing something on your device without your knowledge (taking pictures or videos, turning your microphone on, sending a text message, or accessing your contacts/location)."

Citing a survey of Android smartphone users in the U.S. it recently conducted, BlackBerry said it found that half of those...

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