BlackBerry: How To Revive a Dying Brand

Over the weekend, Blackberry announced it had licensed out its phone brand to China?EU?s TCL to market their phones under the Blackberry moniker.

The deal has limitations, as BlackBerry is working on a similar deal in India, has another in Indonesia with BB Merah Putih, and the agreement does not apply to much of Southeast Asia.

Clues that TCL might effectively take over the BlackBerry name were evident in the realease of the DTEK60, which strongly resembled the TCL Alcatel Idol 4 according to Android Police. But the announcement brought about a couple really weird but certainly clickable flow of bell-tolling headlines.

MakeUseOf went with ?EU?BlackBerry is dead in all but name,?EU? with the site?EU?s writer Dave Parrack penning, ?EU?So, BlackBerry the company is alive and well and managing just fine. But BlackBerry the brand is deader than a dead thing which died mourning the demise of the dodo. Or something.?EU?

Something? I guess. Okay. Whatever. Then there was Matthew Hughes over at The Next Web with the stylistic headline ?EU?Yep. BlackBerry is Dead.?EU?

He continued in the most eloquent way possible, ?EU?After six years of slowly circling the drain, like an un-flushable hunk of stool, the embattled company recently announced in October that it would cease to design its own handsets, instead releasing re-branded handsets from other manufacturers.?EU?

Stool is right from one perspective, I guess. Neither of these assessments can look past phones, and whose assessments of BlackBerry coincidentally match the analogy that Hughes published.

The DTEK60 [pictured above] by BlackBerry had all the telltale signs of TCL phones according to Android observers.

BlackBerry is the example of how to pivot a dinosaur in a changing market. The company?EU?s phones not only live on and will make the company money through its licensing deals (a new BlackBerry model BBC100-1 was spotted in the wild within hours...

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