BlackBerry Attempts To Calm Consumers and Partners

Canadian device maker BlackBerry is having a hard time, thatEUs obvious and everyone knows it. However, in its fight to stay relevant, the company is now taking out full-page newspaper ads to convince people that BlackBerry will rise again.

The open letter, which will be placed in various newspapers in North America, is BlackBerry's way of trying to communicate directly with consumers instead of through intermediaries, according to analysts. BlackBerryEUs 660-word open letter will make its way into more than 30 major newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

BlackBerryEUs Letter

The company states that it is putting out the open letter in the form of a newspaper ad to reach EUvalued customers, partners and fans.EU BlackBerryEUs letter will appear in the Washington Post, National Post, Wall Street Journal, and many others.

BlackBerryEUs letter is the first move from the company to try and put actual consumers at ease after CEO Thorsten Heins made plans to put the company up for sale.

Along with making its way into national newspapers, BlackBerryEUs open letter will also be sent around in the form of a press release and distributed via social media channels. BlackBerry hopes that all of these modes of distribution can work together and reach as many of its customers and partners as possible.

EUThese are no doubt challenging times for us and we donEUt underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges,EU said BlackBerry in its letter. Although the Waterloo, Ontario-based company is owning up to its struggles, it is also hopeful for what the future has in store for BlackBerry and its products.

Weighing Options

BlackBerry truly does not know what to do, which is why Heins is trying to find a buyer to simply take over the mess that the company has become over the past few years.

Technically the smartphone company has agreed to a...

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