Big Blue Brings OpenStack Blue Box Cloud to Global Data Centers

IBM isnEUt wasting any time leveraging the strengths of its Blue Box acquisition. Big Blue has integrated the private cloud software into its broader portfolio of OpenStack-based solutions less than 90 days after buying the firm. IBM made the announcement today at the OpenStack Silicon Valley event in Silicon Valley.

Blue Box Cloud Dedicated blends private cloud performance and cost management with public cloud provisioning and operations support. The technology offers a single management tool for OpenStack-based private clouds in any location for more consistency with public, private and hybrid cloud operations.

IBM expects big traction with Blue Box. ItEUs clear that enterprises are looking for ways to embrace all types of cloud deployment models to handle a wide range of workloads. Market research firm Gartner Inc. predicts that 72 percent of enterprises will be pursuing hybrid cloud strategies this year, making it increasingly important for companies to leverage multiple models while maintaining consistent management across their cloud platforms, Big Blue noted.

Model, Deploy and Manage

IBM pointed to several benefits Big Box Cloud customers can expect, including the advantages of an open source private cloud powered by OpenStack and delivered on dedicated servers. Customers can also consume isolated data within SoftLayer's global data centers to drive down latency and improve application performance for end users.

Cloudsoft, an open source application management company, is all in with Blue Box Cloud. The company will use the technology to operate its Application Management Platform (AMP). Cloudsoft said this move will give its customers dedicated infrastructure to accelerate cloud adoption so they can run business critical applications and services with greater transparency and efficiency without risking lock-in.

EUImplementing Cloudsoft AMP on Blue Box Cloud across IBM Cloud data centers will allow us to meet the increased demand from customers for hybrid cloud solutions built on OpenStack," said...

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