Barracuda Upgrades Web Security Tools

Campbell, Calif.-based Barracuda Networks said it has enhanced its suite of firewall products, improving support for transparently redirecting traffic and thus enabling easier integration between discrete firewall and Web security appliances.

Barracuda Web Filter now has an upgraded application engine for more advanced accuracy and detection, enabling application visibilities for organizations with legacy Layer 3/Layer 4 firewalls.

Designed for single-site, K-12 school campuses, Barracuda Firewall now supports Safe Search and YouTube for Schools -- features that are often included only with dedicated Web security solutions.

Bringing Enforcement Points Together

The new Barracuda Web Filter is designed to work with the latest enhancements to the Barracuda Control Server, which provides a centralized console for unified management, control, and visibility across Barracuda appliances.

The latest Barracuda Control Server release includes: service-level configuration templates, typically used when promoting individual services across various phases of a deployment lifecycle; shared policy templates to ensure consistent security policy across multiple services within a single physical or virtual appliance configuration; and an interface that can be used to centrally manage similar and disparate product revisions across a deployment. Previously, Barracuda Control Server only supported product update management at an appliance or configuration group level.

Barracuda general manager of security Stephen Pao (pictured) said that as virtualization continues to disperse applications and data, his company has seen customers distribute security enforcement points across different parts of the network and across data centers. As a result, IT operations managers want to manage those dispersed enforcement points from a single spot.

"The enhancements made to Barracuda Web Application Firewall and Barracuda Control Server came from direct customer feedback around many of these use cases," Pao said.

Greater Control

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall provides a front end for access control to Web applications, including single-sign on and multi-factor authentication. To increase compatibility with additional SAML (Security...

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