Badly Needed Android Update Rumored on the Way

The New Year may see an update to the much-maligned Android Lollipop mobile operating system. A report on AndroidPIT is citing two sources familiar with the matter saying that a new version of Android is coming in 2015, with one of the sources saying it may be available as early as the end of February.

Android users are hoping the news is more than just the product of wishful thinking on their part. Although Google promoted Android 5.0 as the system's most important upgrade to date, its problems have made users less than sweet on Lollipop. Bugs and crashes seem to be rampant on the OS, which debuted earlier this year.

Almost Unusable'

Our readers have listed a variety of problems with the OS, from minor annoyances to major issues. RAM management seems to be one of the biggest complaints. Some have commented that the memory issue is so bad that it makes multitasking impossible for them.

App compatibility has been another issue, with several saying that apps will randomly close on their own. Others said the whole system frequently crashes on them, that the OS drains the device battery too quickly, and that the update has made their device much more sluggish.

"I wish I had never upgraded to 5.0 Lollipop," reader gypsysolnm wrote. "This is the worst upgrade ever. Facebook, Chrome, Gmail, my gallery and several other apps don't work properly. They close or just crash. My tablet is almost unusable."

Reader JR concurred. "With Lollipop upgrade, Nexus 7 continuously shuts down and restarts for no reason. Runs very slow. Apps don't work like they used to."

Other users complained of less drastic, but still problematic issues. "Music player keeps stopping continuously while in background play. Most of the RAM utilized. Dialer is very slow. Mobile getting slow while using. Some applications keep...

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