Avaya Aims To End Network Waiting Game

If your IT department has faced painful delays in efforts to improve networks and systems that enhance business operations, youEUre not alone. And Avaya has heard your plaintive cries.

A recent Avaya survey reveals these network complexities and delays are having a negative impact on most businesses. In response, the company is making moves to end what it is calling the EUnetwork waiting game.EU

Specifically, Avaya said it has EUdramatically simplifiedEU network infrastructures with Fabric Connect technology driving Automated Campus, which now extends to the wireless edge thanks to the companyEUs new series of Wireless LAN solutions.

"Previously we needed six weeks for network changes,EU said Albert Knoll, Network Operations Manage of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, about its recent implementation of Avaya Fabric Connect. EUToday we can implement them in days."

Mitigating Risk

ThatEUs a big improvement, to put it mildly. So whatEUs behind the innovation? Avaya credits its approach. The company is supporting the next generation Wi-Fi standard -- 802.11ac -- which it says makes it possible for its Wireless LAN 9100 Series to slash waiting time by offering faster gigabit Wi-Fi throughput.

The WLAN 9100 Application Control feature recognizes over 1,000 of the most popular business and personal applications. The technology also empowers admins to create granular policies, such as restricting, blocking or prioritizing specific apps so that business-critical applications come first.

"We find that IT departments go to impressive measures to mitigate risk,EU said Marc Randall, senior vice president and general manager at Avaya Networking. EUThe 'maintenance window' model of the '80s is methodical and precise. We have no issue with the process, but what we have done is remove the reason for the model."

No More Maintenance Windows?

The Avaya survey also revealed that companies wait nearly a month -- which is most of the maintenance window -- before they can drive major improvements...

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