2021 Jaguar I-Pace still looks mighty fine – Roadshow

Discuss: 2021 Jaguar I-Pace still looks mighty fine

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Toyota Corolla becomes smallest car offering as Yaris departs – Roadshow

Bye, Yaris. You were a good Mazda at heart.


The US will say goodbye to another small car as the Toyota Yaris heads to the automotive graveyard growing full of passenger cars. The Mazda2-based sedan's end of production follows news the Yaris Hatchback will also depart the US.

News of the Yaris' demise first circulated on Reddit via a memo sent to dealers informing them the subcompact car would not be available after 2020. Toyota confirmed the Yaris' discontinuation with Roadshow and a representative said, "June will be the last month of production for Yaris and Yaris Hatchback for the US."

When asked if we'll see a new subcompact car take its place, the representative told Roadshow, "There are no plans at this time to offer anything in that segment." Thus, the Toyota Corolla will become the smallest car the Japanese automaker sells in the US.

The Yaris first arrived in the US as the Echo in 1999. In 2005, Toyota swapped the name to Yaris and the model remained a Toyota-built vehicle until Scion's demise in 2017. With Scion out, the Scion iA turned into the Toyota Yaris iA, based on the Mexican-made Mazda2, before Toyota dropped the "iA" suffix last year. The weird turn of events ended up being the only time a Mazda Demio was sold in the US, though Mazda had already dropped the name for "Mazda2."

Elsewhere in the world, Toyota's treated buyers to a totally new Yaris based on its own architecture. It also formed the basis of the hot GR Yaris hatchback and a Yaris-based crossover. While we won't see any new Yaris, America will more than likely see the GR Yaris' hot powertrain in the form of a GR Corolla Hatchback.

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Kia Sedona minivan gets a makeover to feel more SUV-like – Roadshow

2021 Kia Sedona

This is now a "grand utility vehicle," according to Kia.


Kia's minivan received an overhaul on Wednesday after the next-generation Sedona bowed in South Korea, where it's known as the Kia Carnival.

The brand touted this redesign as a way to move the Sedona closer to the SUV side of things, though make no mistake, it's still a minivan with sliding doors and everything. Kia's designers continue to knock things out of the park, and the new Sedona looks pretty great in photos.

The front grille receives more luxurious details, and the reimagined tiger nose shape now integrates with the headlights. Jagged daytime running lights also highlight the shape. If you look closely, the designers also created a pretty wild headlight design, too. At the corners sit the high beams, while the low beams are separate and sit more inward, inside the grille. The LED running lights hug the front turn signals to create an intriguing array of lights. It will be neat to see the minivan at night with this setup.

The SUV styling cues come in the form of reworked proportions, which include a shorter front overhang and an A-pillar moved more rearward to create a longer hood. The changes result in more room inside as well as a lengthier profile when viewed from the outside. Like the new Sorento, the Sedona also wears a decorative C-pillar finished in chrome and a diamond pattern. Combined with blacked-out A- and B-pillars, this is a stylish people mover.

2021 Kia Sedona

Digging this design a lot.


The rear gets major changes, too, with a long light bar and a thin chrome strip above it, which links the chrome C-pillar from the side. The chiseled rear end really does give off more of a utility vehicle vibe, so kudos to Kia on accomplishing that. There's nothing wrong with a good minivan, folks, but apparently they need to look like SUVs to gain acceptance these days.

Kia hasn't given us a look at the cabin yet, but the current Sedona is already surprisingly luxurious. We'll have to wait to see more.

Further details on the powertrain and other amenities aren't available yet either, but Kia said more info is coming soon. The Sedona/Carnival will go on sale in South Korea later this year, but US sales aren't confirmed yet. Kia did not immediately return a request for comment to learn more.

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The Segway, transportation of choice for mall security, is dead – Roadshow


So long, partner.

Loren Elliott/Getty Images

The original Segway -- yes, the one we often see mall security stunting -- will reach the end of the road in July.

The company confirmed the self-balancing scooter's demise on Wednesday with Roadshow and noted the contraption has been  mighty durable amid a saturated market; Many of the original machines are still operational years later. Combined with the low turnover, the OG Segway only made up 1.5% of the company's revenue in 2019. So, it was time to wheel the machine away.

"Segway has grown and evolved and is focusing more on consumer products, such as our shared scooter business, Segway Powersports and Segway Robotics," the company said in statement. "This decision was not made lightly, and while the current global pandemic did impact sales and production, it was not a deciding factor in our decision."

Although the Segway was meant to revolutionize mobility when it debuted in 2001, the vehicle's price of $5,000 made it a tough sell. Still, it was an incredibly agile machine that balanced itself and only required minimal motions from the rider to propel the battery-powered scooter of sorts.

While the Segway many of us know will depart the world on July 15, parent company Ninebot, which the Segway's creator, Dean Kamen, sold the company to in 2015, still plans to create mobility machines. Earlier this year, it showed off the new Segway S-Pod that kind of looks like an egg on wheels and goes up to 24 mph. There's no leaning required like the original Segway since it uses a control knob.  

We salute the original Segway. It was perhaps a little ahead of its time.

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First published June 23.

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Tesla Battery Day set for September, Elon Musk says – Roadshow

Big battery news could be just a few months away.


We'll likely hear some big news about electric car batteries at Tesla's upcoming Battery Day, which now has a tentative rescheduled date. Battery Day was originally supposed to happen in April or May, but Tesla and CEO Elon Musk didn't make mention of the event as the coronavirus pandemic set in.

Musk said on Twitter this Sunday that Sept. 15 will be the day we learn about whatever Tesla has in store for this event. The main rumor has it the event has something to do with a "million-mile" battery. China's CATL has supposedly worked with Tesla to create such a unit, and the company said earlier this month it's ready to build a battery with enough energy to go 1.24 million miles.

However, CATL didn't mention Tesla. But that could be because Tesla has its own version with help from CATL it wants to announce during its Battery Day. It's rumored that this cobalt-free battery will first show up in Chinese-built Model 3 vehicles, and then possibly head to cars sold in other countries.

Aside from a possible million-mile battery, we've also heard about Tesla batteries that won't use cobalt to reduce costs and some rumored charging technology to help cars give back to the grid when possible.

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2021 Jaguar I-Pace rolls in with infotainment upgrades, quicker charging – Roadshow

I still think the I-Pace is super good looking.


The 2021 Jaguar I-Pace has received some updates in Europe. The British luxury brand revealed the minor changes on Tuesday, which include changes to the infotainment system and upgrades for those charging the electric SUV at home.

While the updates mentioned are detailed for the UK, Jaguar confirmed with Roadshow the US will receive its own updates with more specifics coming at a later date. For those ready to pull the trigger on a 2021 I-Pace across the pond, they'll find a tech-rich cabin with the Pivi Pro infotainment system.

The 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster sits ahead of the driver with revised graphics, while a 10-inch and 5-inch screen create the center stack. The new software supposedly takes many cues from smartphones and packs a new processor to keep everything snappy for passengers. Jaguar updated the infotainment graphics and reorganized the layout, too, which it said makes navigating the system easier. It's also possible to route to the most-used functions from the home screen with a single tap. Inputting an address for navigation is, like the overall upgrades, less cumbersome as well. For those that like their smartphone, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

Pivi Pro also packs an update slowly making its way across Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles with a dual-modem eSIM setup with 4G data connection. A new 3D Surround Camera with 360-degree function, Meridian sound system and a cabin air ionization function round out the interior feature updates.

When it comes to charging the 2021 I-Pace, European owners will have a new 11 kilowatt hour charger onboard to take advantage of three-phase electricity supplies with an AC current. It should provide 33 miles of range added per hour, and a full charge will take about 8.5 hours, which is pretty good for an electric car. The I-Pace is still estimated to return 292 miles on Europe's WLTP cycle. The EPA rates it at 234 miles in the US.

Aside from the technical stuff, there are small changes to the design. Jaguar introduced a new wheel design for the SUV and the grille finish comes in a gray hue as standard. More exterior colors are on the menu and for those who dig brightwork, a Bright Pack adds a few other chrome touches.

Orders are open for UK buyers now, so we should learn about the US-spec car soon.

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Ford F-150 over a cold beer: Truck owners would sacrifice a lot to keep their pickup – Roadshow

"Hands off my truck," pickup owners say.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

Pickup truck owners will give up a lot before they hand over the keys to their vehicle, according to a cute survey Ford commissioned ahead of the 2021 F-150's debut.

Ford and PSB, a global analytics consultant company, polled 2,000 pickup truck owners just to see how deep America's love affair with pickup trucks runs. Long story short, it runs really deep. Owners declared they'd give up alcohol, coffee and their phone before their truck.

The survey looked at a variety of age groups, with the largest group being those aged 18-34 at 27%. Of those surveyed, 38% of them owned a Ford F-150, while the others owned a competing brand such as Chevrolet, Ram or Toyota. The split between men and women was also pretty slim, with the group made up of 54% men and 46% women.

Digging into the data, a whopping 82% said they'd give up a music streaming service before their truck. That's easy since other digital music media exists today. Or, you know, CDs can still be a thing. But it gets pretty interesting as Ford asked what else truck customers would give up.

Among the respondents, 79% said they'd give up alcohol before their truck, while 71% said they'd ditch coffee if it came down to it. Coming close to a majority, 47% said they'd ditch their mobile phone, and behind phone usage, 44% declared they'd become a vegetarian instead of swapping their truck for another vehicle.

Rounding out the questions, 38% said they'd stop having sex. Of the group, 15% also said they have a tattoo of their trusty workhorse. Clearly, truck owners are some devoted folks.

Perhaps most importantly, owners see their pickups as a tool to help others. Almost the entire survey population (94%) said they've used their truck to help others, and 34% use their pickup weekly to provide assistance.

While the survey provides a snapshot of America's love affair today, Ford also kicked things out to the future. When asked about an electric truck, 40% said they're excited about a battery-powered pickup. Almost the same portion (38%) said they'd switch to an electric pickup if they were assured it made no compromises compared to a traditional truck.

That's a healthy figure since Ford plans to jump into the electric pickup game in the very near future with an electric F-150. We should see a battery-powered F-150 land in the US within the next two years.

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The GMC Syclone by SVE means business – Roadshow

Discuss: The GMC Syclone by SVE means business

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2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 revealed, Hyundai Kona driven and more: Roadshow’s week in review – Roadshow


Welcome to another week in review, Roadshow readers. Thanks for starting your weekend with us.

Boy, was this week full of news. We had a couple of big debuts like the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and the 2021 Nissan Rogue, but we still got behind the wheel of plenty of new cars for slew of in-depth reviews. The staff drove the 2020 Hyundai Kona, the 2020 Porsche Macan Turbo and more.

Without further ado, dive into all the good stuff below.

Here's a recap of our most important stories from June 14-20.

Top reviews

The 2020 Hyundai Kona impressed Reviews Editor Craig Cole. He praised the subcompact crossover as "outstanding" and called the design a standout among of sea of similar looking machines. The bright paintwork certainly helped, too.

Click here to read our 2020 Hyundai Kona review.

Stay grounded or else the 2020 Porsche Macan Turbo gets expensive very easily. Then again, this isn't the SUV for main street. It's also happiest on demanding roads, thanks to optional air suspension that also produces a very comfortable cabin. The Macan Turbo's updates impressed Reviews Editor Jon Wong, but the vehicle isn't without its faults.

Click here to read our 2020 Porsche Macan Turbo review.

The 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric definitely isn't the first electric car that comes to mind, but it should probably be on a buyer's shopping list. News and Features Editor Kyle Hyatt declared the Ioniq Electric is a very good EV, and one that offers a tremendous amount of value.

Click here to read our 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric review.

Top news

  • Mach 1 for the win: The Ford Mustang Mach 1 returned this week, and with extra power and pretty rad looks, it could be the pony to put in the garage.
  • Nissan Rogue gets a redo: The 2021 Rogue bowed this week with a totally new look inside and out. Nissan hopes its best-selling model can work to win over more crossover-hungry buyers with a family-oriented cockpit.
  • Lexus IS gets some much-needed updates: Lexus' entry-level sedan showed face this week, but it's not totally new like we hoped it'd be. Instead, it's a heavy refresh, but the new looks show off well in photos.
  • 2021 Ford Bronco reveal delayed. Again: Ford told us we'd finally see the Bronco revealed on July 9. That just so happens to be OJ Simpson's birthday. You know that story. So, we'll instead see the SUV on July 13.
  • Chevy Colorado sports some new duds: Chevy showed off the 2021 Colorado's styling updates and they do just enough to keep the pickup looking fresh.
  • 2021 Ford F-150 teased: The refreshed pickup is coming June 25 and Ford gave us our first look at the truck's new front end.

Top video

Now playing: Watch this: 2021 Nissan Rogue ramps up the style and creature comforts


2021 Nissan Rogue debuts

Reviews Editor Andrew Krok takes us around the new 2021 Rogue that debuted this week and it looks pretty lovable so far. We can't wait to drive it.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch still shines – Roadshow

Discuss: Burnout Paradise Remastered on Nintendo Switch still shines

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