Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum: A guide to nonstick cookware – CNET


Teflon, ceramic, anodized aluminum… if you're on the hunt for new nonstick cookware, you may be overwhelmed by the options. With nearly a dozen varieties of pots and pans to choose from, it's hard to decipher which ones are meant to be used for what type of cooking, and which are the safest. I spoke to Lisa McManus, the executive tasting and testing editor at America's Test Kitchen, who helped break down the ins and outs of nonstick pans.

Why use nonstick pans?


First things first, let's evaluate why to use nonstick pans in the first place. In addition to the convenience of them, McManus explains they're particularly good for cooking items that are likely to fall apart.

"We like to use nonstick cookware for baking, and nonstick skillets for delicate foods like eggs and fish, where you really want easy food release from the pan without sticking and potentially ripping and breaking up the food," she explained.

But you can cook nearly anything in a nonstick pan, and picking a high-quality one might mean you don't need many others.

What makes a pan nonstick?


The core of your nonstick pan may be made of several materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic, but what makes it nonstick is an added coating.

"The nonstick part of a pan is actually just a coating applied to its surface, which is why nonstick cookware is less durable than traditional cookware; that coating can scratch or wear off. Manufacturers apply it like spray paint, layering on anywhere from one to five coats," McManus explained.

That's also why nonstick pans wear out over time, as the coating deteriorates. More on that later.

What types of nonstick coatings are there, and which are the safest?


PTFE or Teflon coating

Historically, the majority of nonstick cookware has been coated in polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon, a coating made by Dupont. While these pans are quite effective in being nonstick, they do come with safety concerns.

"PTFE-based coating will release harmful fumes if it's heated above 500 degrees, which is surprisingly easy to do, especially if you heat the pan empty, or cook just a small amount of food at a time. We always preheat nonstick pans with oil in them, rather than empty, because oil will begin to smoke well below 500 degrees," McManus. If you overheat one of these pans, you may experience the "Teflon flu" or poisoning, experiencing symptoms such as "fever, shivering, sore throat and weakness," according to a 2012 research study.

Dupont settled a class-action lawsuit in 2017 for $671 million after thousands of lawsuits were brought against them for personal injury from the leakage of perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical used to make Teflon, from its plant in West Virginia. PFOA, which was used in manufacturing Teflon until 2015, has been "linked to a number of health conditions, including thyroid disorders, chronic kidney disease, liver disease and testicular cancer. It has also been linked to infertility and low birth weight," according to Healthline, which cites several research studies (here's a recent one linking celiac disease with chemicals in Teflon, among other substances).

Ceramic coating


Ceramic nonstick coating is on the rise thanks to direct-to-consumer brands such as Our Place, which makes the Always pan. It's a pan designed to replace most of your cookware due to its versatility and design, touting the coating's safety and ease of use.

Ceramic coating is considered safer than PTFE coating because it does not contain toxic chemicals such as PFOA, or release fumes when heated to higher temperatures. However, McManus points out that in her experience, ceramic cookware is less durable than its counterpart.

"Ceramic coatings are much more brittle and in general, we've found them in testing to be far less durable than those made of traditional PTFE-based nonstick," she shared.

Direct to consumer brand Caraway sells a ceramic-coated four-piece cookware set, stemming from the founder Jordan Nathan's own experience with Teflon poisoning after testing out a variety of cookware at a previous job. Caraway cookware is also oven safe.

Anodized aluminum

Aluminum pans are also on the rise, though anodized aluminum "is not technically a nonstick coating," explained McManus. Rather, "it's a process that creates a harder and darker surface of aluminum oxide than is usually present on an aluminum pan. That makes the surface of the pan a little tougher, and nonreactive (uncoated aluminum can react with acidic foods and give a metallic taste) and it looks nice, but it's not nonstick, and it won't become more so through seasoning and use like cast iron or carbon steel pans can."

While there are health concerns of cooking with aluminum, anodized aluminum is generally considered to be safe as it's sealed and doesn't interact with acid the way typical aluminum does. McManus prefers stainless steel over anodized aluminum, however, because "anodized aluminum coatings will wear off over time and with use, whereas a stainless steel clad pan is pretty much indestructible," she explained.

What should I know about cooking in my nonstick pans, and how to care for them?

Westend61/Getty Images

To safely and effectively use your nonstick pans, avoid overheating them. You also want to favor butter or oil over a nonstick cooking spray, as the latter "can create invisible buildup on the pan's surface and form a barrier between your food and the nonstick surface when it's heated directly," she shared.

It's vital to ensure your pan has something in it as it's heating such as oil or food, as heating an empty pan can lead to it overheating and, in the case of Teflon, emitting toxic fumes.

Nonstick pans are not generally considered to be the most durable options. While a cast iron pan may last a lifetime, nonstick pans may lose their effectiveness after a year or two. "Nonstick doesn't last forever, no matter how careful you are," says McManus. "It wears off and gradually becomes less and less slick. Every time you use it, the slickness wears away a bit. If you burn food on it, that damages it; if you drag a spatula across it or use metal utensils in it, that can scratch and damages the nonstick."

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Depending on the brand and coating, you may be able to get a longer lifespan of a nonstick pan. Our Place shares that with gentle and proper usage, their Always pan's nonstick coating should last about five years -- just avoid using any metal utensil on the surface to avoid scratching.

Proper usage will extend the non-stick coating of any nonstick pan, and McManus offered some best practices. McManus explains, "Don't thermally shock it, meaning don't send it from very hot to cold -- like running a hot pan under a cold tap; that encourages any pan to warp. Don't put it in the dishwasher; the harsh soap can wear off nonstick and other objects joggling against the pan surface during the wash cycle also can damage the coating." It's best to avoid abrasive scrubbers while cleaning as well.

McManus also offered that you may be able to maintain the nonstick coating by using oilsimilar to a cast iron pan. She explains, "heat it gently with a teaspoon or so of oil in it, then take it off the heat and wipe the oil all over the nonstick interior of the pan, then wipe most of the oil out and let it cool down. We've found that this gives the nonstick a bit of a boost, albeit temporary."

Caraway provides a breakdown of how to care for their ceramic coated pans before, during and after cooking. Tips include using low and medium temperatures while cooking since ceramic coating retains heat so efficiently.

Bottom line


I'll personally stick with the ceramic-coated pans in my kitchen. And let's be honest, I more than infrequently overheat my pans while anxiously waiting for them to heat up. While Teflon might be the most durable, I'm not willing to risk my health for it.

Nonstick cookware to consider

Sur La Table

This well-rated pan with a lifetime guarantee has a PFOA and PFOS-free nonstick surface over five layers of aluminum and stainless steel.

Made In

The PFOA-free "made slick" coating on these pans claims to last 30 times longer than ceramic.


This ceramic-coated pan comes with a glass lid and brass handles, and is oven-safe too.

Equal Parts

This set of two sizes of nonstick saute pan and two nonstick pots are also oven safe up to 450 degrees.

Williams Sonoma

This anodized aluminum Dutch oven has a nonstick coating inside.

Sur La Table

Wooden spoons and silicone utensils are best for extending the life of your nonstick cookware, even if the manufacturer says they're safe to use with metal.

This story was written by Sara Weinreb for CNET's sister site Chowhound.

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Best dog food delivery services for 2020: Pet Plate, BarkBox, Chewy, Ollie and more compared – CNET

After more than two months of coronavirus quarantine, lockdown restrictions are starting to ease. But many people have decided that to stay safe, they would still prefer to avoid taking trips to the store and are instead leaning on meal delivery services and grocery deliveries. If you're a dog owner or other pet owner, you might also want to consider a personalized dog food delivery service — after all, Fido deserves a gourmet meal as much as you do! That's why we've been regularly updating this list of dog food delivery services. All of the recommended companies listed here are open and able to help you out, so you're sure to find just the right pet food delivery service to suit your furry friend's particular needs. 

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We're not just talking about a pet parent getting kibble delivered from pet food companies. These dog food delivery services are tailored to your pup's every need. But finding the best dog food delivery services can be challenging, to say the least. There are so many meal delivery options to choose from and so many opinions on the "best way" to optimize the nutrition, ingredients and vitamins and minerals in your pet's meal plan. Do you choose grain-free dog food, raw dog food, homemade dog food or plain old dry dog food? Do you choose kibble or wet food? If you're struggling to find food that fits your fur baby's needs, we're going to break it down for you. And we implore you to look carefully, as many of them, including Spot and Tango and NomNomNow, have big first-time order discounts -- you can get as much as 30% off your total cart.

  • Spot and Tango: Fresh dog food delivery, small-batch and ready to serve 
  • Nom Nom: Fresh, preportioned food for dogs and cats
  • Pet Plate: Ready-to-serve food for dogs
  • Chewy: Autoshipping and unbeatable customer service
  • The Farmer's Dog: Human-grade food, tailored to your individual dog
  • Smalls: Freshly cooked food for cats
  • PetFlow: Autoshipping your pet's favorite foods
  • Ollie: Meal plans with food tailored to the individual dogs
  • BarkBox: Monthly themed collections of toys and treats for your dog
  • Super Chewer: BarkBox for dogs that are tough on toys
  • Bully Bundles: Monthly delivery of low-odor bully sticks
  • PupJoy: Healthy treats and toys delivered each month
  • BoxDog: Custom and curated boxes of handmade dog treats, dog gear and toys

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Gary Gerard Otten/Spot and Tango

For pet parents who are all about farm-to-table food and the health and well-being of their dog, Spot and Tango might be a perfect food pick. The human-grade dog food is made from locally farmed fresh ingredients in New York, in small batches with no artificial additives, preservatives or fillers in the food. The fresh dog food delivery recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and come in preportioned packages (determined by your dog's age, weight and lifestyle) that are vacuum-sealed for freshness. The dog food arrives frozen and just needs to be defrosted before serving. You'll get 50% off your first order of dog food and have a two-week trial period to test whether this meal delivery service works for you. If you decide to cancel in that time period, you'll get your money back.

Frequency and pricing: Weekly delivery; $2 per meal and up, depending on your dog's age, weight and breed. You can snag 50% off your first box with promo code CNET50.

It's pretty universally accepted that fresh food is better for you than processed food and many pet owners believe the same holds true for pet food. If you prefer to feed your furry friends fresh-made meals, Nom Nom is the closest you can get to homemade food. The company sends you perfectly portioned, fresh pet food made from restaurant-quality ingredients and tailored to your pet's size, age and weight. It currently offers four recipes for dogs and two for cats, as well as supplements and treats.

Frequency and pricing: Weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries; $96 to $328 per month for dogs, depending on dog size, and $245 to $256 per month for cats. Save 20% on your first order.

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Balance is a key part of any diet -- including your dog's diet! That's why Pet Plate offers balanced dog food recipes with all the right nutrients for a good diet, designed by vets. The company uses USDA meat and fresh food to create precooked, preportioned meals for feeding your dog, so all pet parents have to do is open the container and plate up the food for their dog. There are four different fresh recipes available -- chicken, beef, turkey and lamb -- and you can even heat the food up in the microwave if your dog is fussy about cold food.

Frequency and pricing: Weekly deliveries; $2.50 to $19 per day, depending on your dog's health, age, weight and breed. Save 30% off your first order at checkout.

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Chewy is essentially the Amazon of pet products. This online retailer carries a huge variety of food and other supplies for all types of animals, from cats and dogs to reptiles and horses, and when you opt into auto-shipments of your go-to pet food, you'll save 5% to 10% on select brands. So no more worrying about running out of kibble -- or potty pads or tick medicine or whatever. Plus, Chewy is known for its top-notch customer service, which is available 24/7.

Frequency and pricing: Choose your own frequency; pricing depends on what products you order. Take 30% off the first time you order.

Dogs have unique nutritional needs -- you wouldn't feed a Chihuahua the same amount of dog food you would a Newfoundland. That's why The Farmer's Dog creates a personalized profile and diet for your dog based on breed, age, activity level, ideal weight and sensitivities, and it makes adjustments to your dog food plan as needed. The Farmer's Dog uses human-grade food ingredients (such as chia seeds and fish oil) to create easy, ready-to-serve meals -- all you have to do is open the package and let your pooch dig into the dog food.

Frequency and pricing: Choose your ideal frequency of food delivery anywhere between every two and 12 weeks; $16 to $90 per week based on dog size. Farmer's Dog is offering 50% off your first purchase, too.

Cats deserve fresh, quality food, too! If you're a proud feline owner, you might like Smalls, which is one of the few pet food delivery services catering solely to the kitties out there. Smalls uses fresh, high-quality ingredients that are lightly cooked to create all-natural, grain-free cat food. It might as well be homemade food. The company even coaches you through transitioning your cat to its meals and offers a full refund if your cat sticks up its nose at the food (as cats are apt to do).

Frequency and pricing: Choose your frequency anywhere between weekly and every six weeks; $2 to $3.50 per cat, per day.

Like Chewy, PetFlow is an online marketplace dedicated to all things pets, not just food. It caters to cat and dog "pet parents," and you can choose to have products automatically shipped to you on a recurring schedule so that you never run low on food, treats or other supplies. Get all your favorite brands of dry food, canned food and other pet products. Plus, for every order shipped, PetFlow donates a bowl of food to animal shelters, so it's a purchase you can feel good about.

Frequency and pricing: Choose your ideal frequency anywhere from every two to 16 weeks; price depends on the products you choose. Try it for 25% off your first order.

Ollie is another popular option for fresh dog food meals that are catered to your dog's diet and individual needs. It'll provide you with a portion recommendation based on your pup's age, weight and so on, and you'll get deliveries of its four vet-formulated recipes made with fresh, human-grade meat, vegetables and supplements. Oh, and it offers healthy dog treats, too!

Frequency and pricing: Biweekly or monthly; $9 to $42 per week. Receive 20% off your first box.


Like to treat your dog? This monthly themed collection of toys and treats is a fun surprise for both of you. In each box, you'll get two toys, two full-size bags of treats and a chew, all made in the US or Canada. None of the treats contain wheat, corn or soy, and if your dog has food allergies, you can choose a box that's free of turkey, chicken and beef. Further customization is available if you chat with a customer service rep. If your dog is tough on toys, you might want to upgrade to the Super Chewer option below, but in either case, another fun bonus is that the company will send your buddy a birthday present -- because you truly cannot spoil your dog too much.

Special Deal: Double your first box for free when your order a multi-month subscription.

Frequency and pricing: Monthly delivery; $22 to $29 per month, depending on length of subscription.


For dogs that really go to town on bully sticks, bones and toys, the Super Chewer BarkBox is a great way to treat them to fun surprises each month. You get two toys designed by BarkBox to be superdurable and interesting for your dog (no fluffy stuffing to worry about), two long-lasting chews and two full-size bags of treats each month. As with the regular box, there's always a fun theme (like Knights of the Hound Table) and you can choose an allergy-friendly option if need be. With the Super Chewer subscription, if your dog does manage to destroy a toy, BarkBox will send you a free replacement at no charge, no questions asked.

Frequency and pricing: Monthly delivery; $29 to $39 per month, depending on length of subscription.

Bully sticks are a favorite among many dog owners, as they keep pups busy for hours and are easier to digest than rawhide. Bully Bundles will make sure you always have extra bully sticks on hand, as it sends you a monthly delivery of 100% beef sticks, and because its product is fresh and cooked for longer, the sticks don't smell as bad as other popular products. You can choose between 6- and 12-inch bully sticks, as well as how many you want each month -- anywhere from six to 60.

Frequency and pricing: Monthly; $15 to $100, depending on the size and quantity.

Dogs are pretty much synonymous with joy, so it's only appropriate that this subscription box is called PupJoy. It'll send you monthly healthy treats, chews and toys for your furry friend and you can even customize your product selection if your dog has food sensitivities, is a "power chewer" or only wants toys.

Frequency and pricing: Monthly; $29 and up, depending on customization.


Think of BoxDog as a subscription of fun treats and accessories for your four-legged pal. The boxes, which come every three months, contain four bins of curated, handmade dog snacks (cookies, chews and more), one vegan skincare item and two items of your choosing from a list of dog gear, gadgets and toys. Choose from a selection of squeaky rubber or plush toys, warm dog jackets or stylish bandanas. 

Frequency and pricing: Boxes come quarterly and start at $39.99 each but you can add an extra toy or piece of dog apparel for just $10 per box.

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This post was written by Camryn Rabideau for CNET's sister site Chowhound. It was originally published last year and has been updated with new information.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Great coffee subscriptions for every type of coffee drinker – CNET


A coffee subscription ensures you never run out of java.


As more restaurants, stores and cafes continue to close in response to the coronavirus outbreak, you're probably finding that it's harder to get your hands on your favorite products. Maybe you're under self-quarantine and leaving your home less often -- or when you do go to the grocery store, oftentimes the shelves are nearly bare. That could make things difficult for a true coffee lover. After all, you can no longer just hop over to your favorite local coffee shop to get freshly roasted java. 

So what do you do if you're missing amazing coffee from your favorite coffee shop? That's where an amazing coffee subscription box comes in. Getting coffee roasts delivered to your home every week or month means you won't risk a dreaded, fresh brewed coffee-less morning. And, many coffee subscriptions come with something extra special, whether that is really (really) good beans, an ethical element or a fun theme. We've rounded up some of the best coffee subscription box services, keeping cost in mind, so that you can enhance your relationship with freshly roasted coffee without breaking the bank.

Passion House

Passion House embodies what we mean by really, really good beans. Go with the Roaster's Choice subscription for a different pick of coffee "genre" with each delivery, or keep it blend-free with the Roaster's Choice Single Origin coffee subscription. Whether you pick weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery, you're paying $17 per 12-ounce bag for freshly roasted coffee, plus a one-time shipping fee that averages out to be less than a dollar a bag (a single charge of $7.25). For beans this flavorful and aromatic, that is money well-spent.

Just Coffee Co-Op

Completely worker-owned and established with the goal of building strong relationships with the coffee farmers from which they source their beans, Just Coffee Cooperative independent coffee roasters is a great option for those wanting a more sustainable coffee subscription. Shipping is included, and so when you select a 12-month monthly coffee subscription box, you get two 12-ounce bags each month for just under $21 -- a little over $10 per bag. Of all these subscription box services, this one is definitely the least expensive, and the most sourcing focused -- it's affordable, good brewing coffee that will help you stay awake and stay woke!


Crema.co puts a fun spin on coffee subscriptions by allowing you to set up your coffee "playlist." Peruse their list of coffee types or get started with a little guidance based on craft coffee roasts, types of coffee, and flavor notes. As you select coffees, they are added to your playlist to be delivered one at a time at your chosen frequency, with the option to pause deliveries at any time. Bags of roasted and blended coffee range from $15 to $19, and shipping is free. Just make sure you have a coffee grinder, as these bags are whole bean only.

Grounds and Hounds

"Every pound saves a hound," is the slogan of Grounds and Hounds coffee company, which donates 20 percent of all profits to dog rescue organizations. With blends like Morning Walk, Paper & Slippers and even a decaf roast called Hush Puppy, this is the perfect subscription for dog lovers. Join the Grounds and Hounds Coffee Club for a subscription starting at $14 per bag and $2 per shipment. It's the ideal way to keep a steady supply of coffee at the ready for those post-walk mornings in front of the fireplace, with your best buddy snoozing at your feet.


If you love traveling around the U.S., and you always check out the local coffee scene when you do, a Trade coffee subscription box is the one for you! They've got all your favorite coffee roasters from across the country, like Gimme! from the East Coast, Sightglass from the West Coast, Intelligentsia from the Third Coast, and even more artisan coffee roasters. As far as types of coffee subscription options go, you can get two 12-ounce bags of classic blends for $25 total per delivery ($12.50 per bag), or a single amazing coffee bag from one of 400 roasters for between $15 and $22 per delivery (shipping included for both options). Trade takes you through a few coffee onboarding questions to suss out your preferred coffee lover roasts, and if you need freshly ground coffee, they even let you select your usual brew method for the perfect grind size! You can also sign up for a personalized cold brew subscription.

Bean Box

Bean Box highlights renowned Seattle roasters and has two subscription options. The Coffee of the Month Club brings you 12 ounces of freshly roasted, hand-picked whole bean coffee (you choose the roast, or leave it open to all possibilities: light roast, medium, dark, espresso or decaf) with tasting notes and tips for freshly brewing roasted coffee to perfection, plus an artisanal chocolate to enjoy with your cup. Plans start at $78 for three months. Or if you like more variety of coffee, the Bean Box coffee sampler includes four 1.8 ounce bags of coffee in whole bean or ground format; again, you can pick your roast preference. You'll get a caramel with this option, which starts at $24 for one month. In any case, shipping is included and you can pause or skip deliveries at any time if need be.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club brings you single origin craft coffee from one of 50-plus countries of independent coffee roasters where amazing coffee is produced. Not only is the coffee high quality, but every coffee subscription box delivery comes with a postcard featuring its country of origin, as well as a message with tasting notes and some brewing tips. A full bag of coffee costs $14, and a sample shipping cost is $4.95 (to Chicago, for example), making this subscription a bit pricier. But it's a fun and delicious way to try different coffees with variety and freshness from around the globe.


Founded in 1933, Illy now combines their coffee-rich history with modern convenience through their coffee subscriptions. This subscription is best suited for those wanting regularly-delivered replenishment for espresso makers, but if you opt for whole beans you can get two 8.8-ounce containers of coffee (in those classic tins) for $24, or approximately $16 per 12 ounces (and shipping is free with subscriptions). One of the standout features of this coffee subscription box is the welcome gift: Choose from several cup sets (coffee, espresso or cappuccino), valued at up to $40. If Illy is already your go-to for espresso, not a bad way to keep monthly delivery coming and score some swag.

Sudden Coffee

If you don't have time to wait for drip coffee or pour-over, or if you want to ensure you have better quality coffee with you at all time (whether at work, on the road or even camping) you're in luck, because instant coffee has come a long way. Sudden Coffee is a subscription service that specializes in high-quality, single-origin coffee beans that are freeze-dried in small batches and shipped in recyclable, single-serving test tubes, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. Just add hot water (or cold if you want iced brew) and you have a shockingly great cup of amazing coffee. Deliveries come every month but you can adjust your frequency, and you receive a new variety of coffee blend each quarter (but can choose either light or dark roast). The price varies depending on how many servings you want and how frequently, but start at $20 for an 8-cup pack every month. While you can still place an order for future delivery, be advised that they are currently experiencing shipping delays.

Read more: 

This story was written by Emily Murawski and originally posted on Chowhound.

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America is running out of frozen pizza. Here’s where you can order some – CNET

Although most reported shortages of supplies during the coronavirus pandemic have pointed to empty shelves formerly filled with toilet paper and a lack of hand sanitizer, there's one coveted essential item that's also been flying out of stores at an unprecedented rate: frozen pizza. 

Panicked shoppers have not only been stocking up on canned tuna, they've also been tossing large piles of boxed pizza into their freezers, operating under the assumption that frozen pizza can hardly go bad. Plus, pizza is undeniably peak comfort food, so while it should come as no surprise that you can still find fresh produce in the grocery store, frozen pizza is a much rarer find.

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Many frozen pizza factories are trying to keep up with high demand, often equating it to Super Bowl Sunday. According to Ad Week, Newman's Own COO Dave Best reported that his frozen pizza sales are up by 190% since the pandemic began, and many frozen pizza companies are reporting similar numbers. The data analytics firm IRI has determined that from March to April, Americans bought some $275 million worth of frozen pizza, a 92% increase compared to the same time last year.  

So, what to do if your grocery store is indefinitely out of frozen pizza? You could always make your own pizza, which we promise isn't as hard as it sounds, or you could simply place an order for a few boxes to be shipped from these storied establishments. 


Lines spill out of the tiny storefront on Prince Street in downtown New York, peppered with pizza fanatics looking to get their hands on a behemoth of a square slice, crowned with pepperoni cups pooling with oil, spicy tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. Skip the line by ordering two pizzas, each clocking in at 17 by 12 inches, that are guaranteed to feed 16 people.


Dom DeMarco opened Di Fara pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn, in 1965, and the octogenarian is still making the beloved pizza (with help from family members), slipping divine pies into the oven and snipping fresh basil, right in front of you. While a trip to Avenue J isn't recommended right now, you can get two pies delivered to you, frozen, primed to be heated up in the oven. While Dom can't shave fresh parmesan on top in person, you'll have to merely do it in his honor.


Dive into Chicago's best with Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas, stuffed with the likes of cheese, sausage, pepperoni or spinach. These massive 9-inch pies are equipped to feed two to four people, and can simply be tossed into the oven to be reheated. 


Imo's Pizza has long been the star of St. Louis-style pizzas, a family pizzeria that opened in St. Louis over 50 years ago. The thin, circle pies are chopped into bite-sized squares -- its trademark look -- and always topped with Provel cheese, a mixture of Swiss, provolone and cheddar cheeses. 


A Brooklyn favorite, Emmy Squared hawks Detroit-style pizza, that thick dough baked in a pan with cheesy edges, and showered with fun and cheeky toppings, like banana peppers, gooey burrata cheese and vodka sauce. This package comes with the choice of seven pizza flavors.


While most people say the American pizza capital is New York City, one Pennsylvania town says otherwise. Old Forge, in the northeast quadrant of the state, is home to its own pizza variety: thin crust, rectangular pies, swiped with either red or white sauce, and often served on cafeteria-style trays.

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Best bar gifts to give for 2020 – CNET

Living rooms all across the country sport bar carts these days, but how one stocks that cart makes all the difference in the quality, originality and potency of the cocktails and other alcoholic drinks that are served. You can find the perfect gift for the aspiring bartender in your life (or upgrade your own bar) without resorting to gifting them a set of beer mugs or an engraved flask; instead, why not try a personalized combination of tumblers and accessories or some distinctive bar decor? These cocktail-related unique bar gifts are perfect for every budget under $100. 


Spice things up with this small yet sturdy bamboo mortar and pestle set. It will eliminate the need for ground spices, pulverizing whole peppercorns and fennel seeds to ensure fresher flavor and stronger aromatics in your drink. In the process, you'll also get a fun workout and stress relief. There's a reason this ancient food processor has stood the test of time.


We love to serve a drink in these vintage-vibe, fancy but funky gold-patterned glasses. They're the ideal tumbler for an Old Fashioned (or two) or any other cocktail. For recipients of bar gifts who might prefer a bit less flash, these crystal Old Fashioned glasses are classic and refined.

Basil Hayden's

This intriguing blend of Kentucky rye whiskey, Canadian whiskey and port makes the perfect gift for anyone (except the strict whiskey purist). Everyone else will appreciate the complex oaky notes, caramel tones, dried fruit flavors and a bit of rye spice. Best of all, according to Sara Havens for The Alcohol Professor, this one offers a delicious finish that tastes like sugar cookie dough.


Scrappy's bitters are handcrafted in small batches from organic ingredients with no artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals. This bartender bundle includes two boxes of sample size bottles featuring both their Classic Bitters set and Exotic Bitters set. All together, there are eight flavors: chocolate, grapefruit, lavender, cardamom, celery, orange, Orleans (anise, citrus and cinnamon) and Aromatic (with vanilla notes). Perfect for the home mixologist who likes to experiment with unique ingredients.


Freeze them, pop them into a glass and add liquor. Presto -- you've created a multilayered cocktail for happy hour. This unique gift comes in five flavors in total, including The Cooper (with blood orange and ginger), The Cecile (with cucumber, watermelon juice, clover honey and thyme), The Clyde (with peach, lemon juice, sage, rosemary, juniper and vanilla) and The Oliver (an updated Negroni with wormwood extract). Each box contains 24 cubes of your chosen flavor. They're also great for nonimbibers, as they can be splashed with seltzer for a ready-made mocktail.

Sur la Table

A nice bottle of wine always makes a great gift. But you can make that bottle of wine even better by throwing in a beautiful wine decanter. This wine holder is pretty enough to use as a vase or art piece on the cart in between wine sessions. And if you really want to raise the stakes, pair the wine with a dark chocolate bar, a wine bottle opener, stoppers or this perfectly shaped bottle brush for cleaning its curvy interior.


Everyone needs an ice bucket. This one, made of stainless steel and featuring a copper or hammered brass exterior, is an attractive show stopper -- and affordable. And it comes with tongs, so no one needs to reach their fingers into the communal ice chest to pull out a bottle. (Note: The brass model is currently out of stock, but you can still get your hands on the copper version.)


You can outfit your bestie's entire bar cart for around $50 with this sleek black matte metallic Boston shaker set. It's got all the essential tools: shaker, strainer, double jigger, muddler, bar spoon and tongs. It also comes in copper and silver to coordinate with any decor.


If you can't swing a vintage cart on 1stdibs, this silver metal and classic glass version is a steal when it comes to bar gift ideas. With two tiers and built-in bottle holders, it has plenty of storage space for bottles, glasses and bar tools of varying heights and sizes. (If you're able to spend a little more on bar gifts, this gold bar cart with a midcentury modern vibe is also nice.)


For a more industrial style, this rustic oak and black metal cart is simple but striking. It includes a rack that can accommodate both wine bottles and wine glasses and two shelves for holding tools and bottles.


This miniature cutting board is perfect for slicing limes, other citrus or small garnishes. Made of bamboo, it has a juice groove to keep it from flooding over the sides, and is naturally resistant to bacteria. Plus, it's sleek and small enough not to interfere with the overall aesthetic of the cart. 

World Market

Marble is timeless and screams fancy. These geometric coasters are an easy, stylish and affordable way to say bye-bye to water rings. Perfect if you're looking for unique ideas for corporate gifts

This story was written earlier by Dan Koday and updated by Chowhound Editors.  

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The best store-bought keto barbecue sauces to save you from boring food – CNET


Just because you're on a low carb, high fat diet doesn't mean you can't pull out the BBQ sauce. Yes, you can enjoy keto barbecue! But barbecue sauce often hides a lot of sugar, so you'll need to make sure you pick a keto-friendly barbecue sauce to slather on your meat. These are some of the best store-bought keto barbecue sauces you can buy (with a homemade BBQ option for inveterate DIYers).

We're already more than halfway through spring, which means lots of people are starting to let their healthy diet resolutions and weight loss goals slide. But, for those living by a ketogenic diet, it may seem like there's an endless future stretching ahead of you full of bland chicken and vegetables with the smallest number of net carbs. Not so. As keto has caught on as a healthy lifestyle, as have paleo and Whole30, a slew of keto products have flooded the marketplace to deliver the big flavors you crave without the high carb count you're trying to avoid. And one of these flavors is the big, bold taste of barbecue sauce.

Read more on Chowhound: Low carb barbecue recipes and tips 

We scoped out all of the barbecue sauces on the market that are keto-approved -- from classic flavors to specific styles -- and put together a list of the best store bought keto barbecue sauce for you to enhance your braising, grilling and overall cooking game.


A cult favorite, Primal Kitchen has been on the cutting edge of healthy living for years. Its classic barbecue sauce has the bold flavor that those on keto may be missing from their lives, thanks in part to cumin and chipotle powder. It can be used as a marinade and dipping sauce for all sorts of meat, as well as brushing it on ribs and chicken wings in the last few minutes of grilling for a flavor boost. The product is organic, too.

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Different than the classic sauce, Primal Kitchen's golden barbecue sauce mimics yellow mustard-based South Carolina barbecue sauce and omits the smoke for a sweet and tangy flavor instead (with the former coming from the natural sweetness in tomatoes and balsamic vinegar). Recommended for pulled pork and veggies, it also makes the perfect dipping sauce for grilled chicken strips.

Read more: How to start cooking healthier meals at home 


This condiment is everything you would expect from a barbecue sauce. It's sweet, spicy and tangy all at once. Containing no refined sugar (the sweetness comes mostly from dates), this product complements any cut of meat that's ready for grilling season, from BBQ chicken to pork chops to a roast. And it can add even more flavor to easy keto grilled vegetables as well.

Read more: The best keto snacks to buy online


Love North Carolina-style barbecue? Lillie's Q creates as close a match as possible to the real thing, except this one has no sugar added. Dubbed Western Carolina Tomato, the sauce has a slight tang to it, just like vinegary Carolina barbecue sauce should. The brand recommends using this on pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken.

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Sweetened with pineapple juice concentrate (which also adds a little extra tang), this keto- and Whole30-compliant barbecue sauce contains a delicious mix of spicy, smoky, tangy and naturally sweet BBQ sauce ingredients, like apple cider vinegar, tamarind, ginger, allspice and arbol chili powder. Be aware: It does contain grass-fed beef bone broth powder too, so is not suitable for anointing your grilled vegetarian and vegan dishes -- but it is extra savory and has a delicious smoky flavor. Also, it's cheaper on Thrive Market if you have a membership there

This sugar-free barbeque sauce contains sucralose, which is keto-friendly, but if you prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners, you'll want to skip it. Some reviewers suggest that it's a bit mild and like to add things like Dijon mustard and chipotle powder. Your mileage may vary, but it's affordable enough that it's worth a try.


Sweetened with stevia, this sauce only has two carbs per serving. If it's not spicy or complex enough for you, you can always doctor it with cayenne, smoked paprika, garlic and more. Or, just make your whole batch of barbecue sauce yourself (see below for an easy keto recipe).

Homemade keto barbecue sauce


Have a few minutes? You can make your own low carb, sugar-free barbecue sauce with just a few keto-friendly ingredients, including mustard, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste and a few spices. In fact, making your own gives you a chance to develop the sauce to your taste buds, which can make being on a keto meal plan an easier pill to swallow.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Best travel coffee mugs for 2020 – CNET

We'd never dare ask you to skip out on your morning caffeine ritual, but surely there's a more environmentally conscious way for coffee drinkers to partake without sacrificing any of the function or pleasure. Recycling is great, but bringing a trusty reusable coffee mug made of glass, stainless steel or other eco-friendly cups to your favorite java shop or making your own brew at home and toting it in a chic coffee tumbler is an even smarter way to avoid the single-use plastic and disposable cups piling up in landfills. Bonus: Many coffee shop locations give you a discount for bringing your own coffee mugs.

Chances are you've already made the switch to a reusable water bottle, so it's not too much of a stretch to update the vessel for your morning cup of coffee. We've selected some of the best travel coffee mug options to help you find the very best in reusable coffee mugs and cups that stay insulated and keep your drink hot. Whether you're looking for reusable coffee mugs and cups that fit into car cup holders or an accessory with a modern flair, these sleek, sturdy, safe and stylish coffee mug options are made from hard plastic, glass or metal and engineered to hold a hot beverage or cold beverage, keeping your tea and coffee hot for hours and an iced drink chilled for just as long. Insulation technology has come so far!

So, do the environmentally conscious thing and bring one of these reusable travel mugs with you to your favorite coffee shops or the next time you make a coffee run. The planet -- and your wallet -- will thank you.

Read more: Great gifts for coffee lovers


Coffee drinkers rejoice! Imagine the amazing insulated power of a Yeti cooler -- they're the standard for fishermen and people who like the outdoors -- but in the palm of your hand. This double-walled stainless tumbler with great insulation keeps your morning coffee piping hot and safe well into the afternoon, and the genius magnet sliding lid comes apart when it's time to throw it all in the dishwasher to clean (yes, this baby is dishwasher safe), should that be an option. It's also the perfect size for most car cup holders when you're driving through the great outdoors -- or just, um, to the office. Also available in a standard mug size with handle.


If you're picky about your coffee, you probably have opinions on reusable coffee mugs, too. This durable super-chic to-go mug comes in neutral shades and has a stainless steel insulated cup that keeps coffee or tea safe at the same temp for up to six hours. Yasssss. The lid spins off to reveal an opening that you can sip from at any angle, and the sleek design is totally museum-worthy.


No shame if you're the coffee drinker who gets more coffee on their sleeve than in their mouth whenever you're carrying a cup on the go. Thankfully, the spill proof lid (maybe you've heard of Contigo AUTOSEAL technology? It's good. Real good.) on this reusable coffee canteen -- which holds 16 ounces of hot coffee, cold brew or tea -- will keep your coffee safe. It's also slim enough to fit in a car cup holder, which means even the bumpiest of rides won't threaten the heat of your morning brew. You can practically take this cup of coffee with you anywhere.


This attractive 18-ounce insulated tumbler comes in a ton of amazing shades and designs, but it's not just a pretty face: It's made from durable stainless steel and is triple-walled with insulation so that you'll never get condensation on your hands. But also, did we mention that it's p-r-e-e-e-e-e-t-t-y? Use this gorgeous and reusable coffee cup around the house to drink hot or cold beverages and find one that matches your decor (yes, that's a thing). Heads up, you have to purchase the lid separately if you want to take this one on the go.


This is the travel mug for when your work bag is already loaded with notebooks, an iPad, your laptop and a million random receipts from heaven knows where. Made out of super-light, leak-proof BPA-free silicone, it collapses to just 2.5 inches thick, meaning you can tote it practically anywhere without adding bulk to your bag. And when your beverage needs a heat, it's microwave-safe. Hot tip: This Stojo collapsible cup also comes with a straw for when the iced coffee season hits and you want to swap piping hot java to that cold brew or iced latte.


This stylish sipper holds 12 ounces of your beverage of choice and is made in the USA from soda-lime glass, which means it's easily recyclable when you're done with it eventually. It's safe to microwave, in case you want your beverage piping hot, and even though it's glass, it's lightweight enough to carry with you on your morning coffee run. Thankfully, the cork band keeps your hands safe from burning and the BPA-free lid and plug are dishwasher-safe.

This article was written by Julie Vadnal. It was originally published earlier, but has been updated.

More for coffee and other beverage enthusiasts

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A $60 digital air fryer large enough to fit all those wings, snacks and more – CNET


Air fryers have captured the attention of folks looking for healthy and fast ways to crank out easy snackable foods. One of the exceptions some take with certain models is that they're just not large enough to hold food for an entire family or a gathering of friends. Not so with this Emerald 6.6-liter digital air fryer which is currently on sale for just $60 -- down from $120 -- at Best Buy today.

The Emerald air fryer has plenty of cooking capacity for large batches of wings, fries, spicy shrimp, crispy mushrooms or these unexpected air fryer recipes. Plus, the digital controls and programmable cook times mean no guessing on how long to set the super convection for. Best Buy also offers free shipping on the unit and you'll have it within a week's time. 

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Get a K-cup coffee maker, waffle iron or toaster oven for under $25 each – CNET




If you can afford a little patch of space on your kitchen counter, a good convection toaster oven is very much worth the investment. With this well-rated Insignia four-slice toaster oven, currently on sale for just $20, that investment is rather small. You can snag the toaster, plus some other useful kitchen appliances including a Chefman single-serve coffee maker for $25 or a Bella Belgian flip waffle iron for only $20, today at Best Buy. Let's zoom in on the three deals. 


There's a good chance you'll use this oven at least a few times a week, if not more. For quick morning bagels or toast, to reheat leftover pizza or to fire up frozen appetizers from Trader Joe's. With toast, bake and broil functions, the Insignia will give your big boy oven a needed rest.  

Bella Housewares

For just one Andrew Jackson, you can snatch up this electric Belgian flip waffle iron and delight the troops with hot waffles on Sunday morning. The Bella features a nonstick ceramic surface for easy cleaning and reinforced titanium to resist scratching.  


There probably isn't a simpler coffee maker on the planet. This Chefman single-serve brew station makes piping hot cups of coffee with one button, using any K-cup pod (of which there are endless options). It's also small enough to fit anywhere, taking up no more room than a two-liter bottle of soda. 

All three items are available for Best Buy's free no-contact curbside pickup, pending inventory at your local brick-and-mortar location.

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Snatch up this handsome Lodge Dutch oven for less than $50 – CNET


You don't have to poke around our sister site Chowhound for too long to discover how we feel about Dutch ovens. In fact, I'll save you even that small bit of time. We love them. Right now, Walmart has a quality Lodge 6.5-quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven on sale for less than $50, complete with free shipping. 

Enameled cast iron provides a coveted combination of high heat retention and even heat distribution, making it perfect for braising and slow-cooked sauces. Easy to clean, the sturdy enamel is also safe to use on any cooktop or with any heat source. It's available in three colors and will ship for free -- arriving as soon as this Friday.

Sure, you can splurge on a Le Creuset or Staub -- both of which will run you well over $200 -- but you'll achieve near identical results with this much more budget-friendly piece of cookery from trusted American cookware brand Lodge. Go ahead: Save the rest of your dough for a delivery of quality meats to cook in it.

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