Audiovox Turns Smartphone or Tablet into a TV

In this modern era of binge, on-demand, anywhere/anytime TV, you have numerous ways to overdose on television. If you're not downloading something to watch on your tablet, smartphone or computer, you're getting your fix by streaming.

Still, for many addicts there's nothing like the immediacy of live TV -- to catch the big game, keep up with the news, and to watch shows as they're being broadcast.

But there's a lot of static associated with mobile television, and I'm not necessarily referring to poor reception. Consider that even if what you want to watch live is streamed to your phone or tablet via an app or by way of the Web, costs can pile up if you're relying on a cellular connection without an unlimited data plan. In other words, kiss your monthly data allotment bye-bye fast, maybe even before you discover whodunit on your favorite show. And you're out of luck if you lack Internet access.

The folks behind the Dyle Mobile TV platform are attempting to avoid such scenarios with the wireless Audiovox Mobile TV receiver that I've been testing. The pocket-size $130 accessory turns compatible iOS and Android devices into portable TVs. But there's a ginormous drawback: There are way too few station options.

Too bad, because the Dyle/Audiovox pitch would otherwise appeal to the person who can't get enough TV: Once you've paid for the gizmo -- which can be found for as little as $100 -- you won't be subjected to ongoing subscription fees. That's different from rival service Aereo, which charges $8 a month under its basic plan.

Moreover, because you don't rely on cellular using the Audiovox, there's no data plan to put at risk. In fact, you don't even need a separate Internet connection, because the Audiovox device establishes its own dedicated Wi-Fi hot spot, used to...

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