AT&T Throws Down $450-To-Switch Gauntlet to T-Mobile

Perhaps in response to T-Mobile USA CEO John LegereEUs New YearEUs resolutions -- which included EUgiving AT&T a break . . . or not,EU AT&T is giving the fourth-largest wireless carrierEUs subscribers a new reason to migrate to its network.

As of now, AT&T is officially offering T-Mobile customers the opportunity to EUupgrade their mobile lifestyleEU with value of up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and trade in an eligible smartphone.

AT&T is ticking off reasons why T-Mobile customers should take the company up on its offer. In addition to the $450 per line, AT&T pointed to its EUlarger and more reliable 4G LTE network.EU The company also promised switchers a superior smartphone lineup and award-winning customer service.

Throwing Barbs and Gauntlets

For reaction and analysis of AT&TEUs big marketing move, we turned to Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst. He told us AT&T has decided to fight T-Mobile in a very creative and likely effective way.

EUWe have been hearing T-Mobile throwing barbs about AT&T for the last several quarters,EU Kagan said. EUSo far it doesn't look like this has hurt, but AT&T has decided to stop taking the punches in the gut and start punching back at T-Mobile.EU

As Kagan sees it, this raises another question: T-Mobile has been winning customers in the last two quarters but we don't know whether those customers are satisfied or not. AT&TEUs promotion, he suggested, could let us know just how satisfied T-Mobile customers really are -- or at least offer a hint.

EUWill customers who switched to T-Mobile stay there, or will they leave because of quality and speed? We aren't looking at a 100 percent move one way or the other,EU Kagan said. EUSome customers will stay with T-Mobile and others will leave. It will be interesting to see what the numbers...

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