AT&T Rolls Out TV-Wireless-Internet Bundles

Telecom giant AT&T isnEUt wasting any time pushing out new deals after its DirecTV acquisition, which closed last week. The company will begin offering the first nationwide package of TV and wireless services with a single bill (and special discounts) on August 10.

Specifically, AT&T will offer HD and DVR service for up to four TVs, along with unlimited talk and text for four wireless lines and 10 GB of shareable wireless data for $200 a month. ThatEUs a savings of at least $600 in the first year alone, according to the company.

Brad Bentley, EVP and chief marketing officer of AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services, called the announcement EUthe first of many planned moves.EU AT&T plans to EUdeliver more TV and entertainment choices to more screens -- when and where our customers want itEU for stronger value with integrated packages, he said.

Wasting No Time

As part of the August launch -- which will see the company sell DirectTV in over 2,000 retail stores around the nation -- AT&T will give subscribers access to DirecTV programming on their mobile devices through the DirecTV app even before the TV service is installed at their homes.

EUAT&T is wasting no time extending the benefits of its DirecTV acquisition to consumers,EU said Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics. EUWith this newly integrated offer, itEUs clear AT&T is focused on offering value on top of convenience to win new customers and become a leader in entertainment and communications.EU

The All in One plans let customers choose from several DirectTV plans or U-verse TV plans. Pricing starts at $50 and runs as high as $125 for the Premiere package. Customers can add wireless services with 10 GB of shareable data and unlimited talk and text for four phone lines for $160 per month.

Customers who combine...

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