AT&T Rolls Out New Mobile Plans, Eliminates Data Overage Fees

Starting Sunday, AT&T is launching new wireless plans that it said will eliminate data overage charges for customers. Instead of generating extra fees once they exceed their monthly data caps, the network speeds of customers with Mobile Share Advantage plans will be slowed down to limit further data consumption.

Verizon, the largest wireless company in the U.S., made similar changes to its mobile plans last month with the addition of a "Safety Mode" app that lets customers slow down their data speeds to avoid overage charges. T-Mobile has offered a similar option since late 2014, when it introduced a "Data Stash" program that lets users carry over unused high-speed data from one month to the next. Sprint also introduced a "throttled" data option for users in October.

The second largest mobile service provider in the country, AT&T last updated its wireless plans in December, when it raised monthly prices for customers who had been grandfathered into its old unlimited data plans. The new plans rolling out Sunday offer monthly data caps ranging from 1 GB to 200 GB.

But Some Apps May Not Work

AT&T said the new Mobile Share Advantage plans offer consumer and business users the same features as its previous Mobile Share Value plans. Those features include unlimited domestic talk and text, rollover and shareable data options, and mobile hotspot capabilities.

The new plans start at $30 per month for 1 GB of data and go to $135 per month for 30 GB of data, with higher data options of up to 100 GB for consumers and up to 200 GB for businesses. All Mobile Share Advantage plans also have access charges of $10 to $40 per month per device not included in those prices.

When customers exceed their monthly data charges their network speeds will be slowed down to 128...

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