AT&T Offers DirecTV Users $500 To Switch Lines

Telecom giant AT&T is pulling out all the stops to tap synergies with its $48.5 billion DirecTV acquisition. After rolling out TV-wireless-Internet bundles earlier this month, AT&T is now making an attractive offer it hopes customers wonEUt refuse.

AT&T is offering a $500 per line credit to DirecTV and U-verse customers willing to switch to its wireless service. If this is appealing to you, though, move quickly. AT&T was clear that this was a limited time offer. The fine print reveals the deal ends on October 4 and is only available in EUselect locations.EU

In fact, there are several nuances to what AT&T is ultimately offering. If you switch your wireless lines to AT&T you will receive a $300 credit on your bill for each line you port over -- if you buy a smartphone on AT&T Next for that line. If you want to get the full $500, you also have to trade in an eligible smartphone.

Turning Up the Heat

AT&T is also sweetening the pot with 10,000 Plenti points. Plenti is a rewards program that gives you perks at Exxon, MacyEUs Mobile and Rite Aid. Of course, that may not be attractive to you if you donEUt shop at any of those locations.

Practically speaking, if a family of four with DirecTV or U-verse TV switches four lines from a current wireless carrier to AT&T -- and if they buy and activate new smartphones on AT&T Next for all four lines, and if they trade in four eligible smartphones -- theyEUll get $2,000 in total credits.

We caught up with Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst, to get his thoughts on the new deal. He told us this is exactly the kind of excitement he expected from the AT&T-DirecTV merger.

EUAT&T is a very innovative competitor. DirecTV gives AT&T another superhighway to compete...

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