At Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce Joins the Analytics Wave

As Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference gets under way this week in San Francisco, the CRM company is getting a jump on new product announcements. Salesforce just unveiled Wave, the name for the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce is positioning Wave as the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user. In other words, you do not have to be a technologist to draw insights from analytics in this cloud, because it is designed to let lay users explore data and take action from whatever device they happen to be using.

Essentially, Wave makes it possible for companies to deploy sales, service and marketing analytics -- or build custom mobile analytics apps -- using any data source. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte Digital and Informatica are already using Wave and will be on hand at Dreamforce to demonstrate how it works for their businesses.

How Disruptive Is It?

With the launch of Wave, Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff said his company was "disrupting the analytics market, just as we disrupted the CRM industry 15 years ago."

The reasoning behind what makes Wave disruptive:

"The data revolution is creating new opportunities for companies to create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers," said Alex Dayon, president of Products at Salesforce. "The Wave Analytics Cloud eliminates the painfully slow, complex and unintuitive legacy approaches that have long separated business users from their data -- finally, there are analytics for the rest of us."

The tech industry is seeing a rapid convergence of mobile, social, cloud and connected computing that is driving a data revolution. Salesforce is tossing around data points about exponential data growth -- like the projected 50 billion connected "things" in the "Internet of Things" by 2050.

Swinging the Door Open

According to a recent report from McKinsey Global Institute, decisions based on data-driven insights result in 23 times...

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