At $3199, Microsoft’s 1 TB Surface Book Costs More than Apple Rival

While Apple has traditionally held the top spot when it comes to selling the most expensive computers and devices, Microsoft is apparently determined to steal its crown. The software company has just released pricing details for its Surface Book laptop, and the 1 TB solid-state drive version will run you a cool $3,199.

Although Apple doesnEUt offer a version of its top-of-the-line MacBook Pro with 1 TB of storage, the 512 GB version of its 15-inch laptop with similar specs only costs $2,499, a $700 difference. Although the Surface Book offers more storage, it also features a smaller display -- 13.5 inches -- than the largest MacBook Pro.

Optimized for Enterprises

The Surface Book also comes with a few other features Microsoft is betting will sway power users looking for the EUultimate laptop,EU as the company described its latest offering. The Surface Book touchscreen can be detached and used as a tablet running Windows 10 Pro.

MicrosoftEUs Surface Pen, included with the sticker price, is optimized to launch either the OneNote note-taking app or the Cortana personal assistant with a single click. Both features seem to be designed to appeal to professionals and executives expecting to use their devices as digital clipboards.

The laptop also features Windows Hello facial recognition, allowing users to secure their information without a password. A Trusted Platform Module chip, meanwhile, allows IT departments to secure the devices by installing enterprise-grade security software.

The 1 TB model is powered by the sixth-generation Intel Core i7 chip, aided by 16 GB of RAM (though some of the lower-end models come with the i5 chip and 8 GB of RAM). The combination should allow professionals to run high-end applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Citrix, and AutoCAD. Meanwhile, a Nvidia GeForce graphics card should provide enough horsepower for anyone looking to...

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