Asia Feeding Twitter’s Double-Digit Growth, Study Says

By 2018, 40 percent of Twitter's registered users will be Asian, according to a new report from eMarketer. An estimated 160 million of Twitter's 400 million users will be in the emerging markets of Asia, and that growth could be even greater if China removes a ban on the social network in the next four years.

When looking at Twitter's active users, the Asia-Pacific region already accounts for a greater percentage of users than North America and Western Europe, according to eMarketer. However, the gap between Asia and other regional markets will continue to grow as more people get online in countries like Indonesia and Japan. Additional foreign markets in the Middle East and Africa are also projected to show steady growth from 2014 to 2018.

Tapping into Markets

Technology companies, whether they are Internet-based like Twitter or hardware-based like Apple, have recently been trying to tap into the Asian market because of the high concentration of customers in countries like China. Twitter is faced with more obstacles than usual because of harsh censorship laws concerning all social networks in China, but in other Asian countries, eMarketer expects the network to grow much faster than it has been.

"In 2014, the Asia-Pacific region will account for 32.8% of all Twitter users, compared with 23.7% in North America, eMarketer estimates, and by 2018, Asia-Pacific will more than double North America's share, breaking the 40% mark in terms of worldwide market share," says eMarketer's report. Included in the Asia-Pacific region are countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, all of which are experiencing an increase in per capita wealth, making them more attractive markets for any technology company.

Even within the region, eMarketer says it is easy to see which markets will continue to exhibit steady growth. The two areas that are expected...

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