Ashley Madison CEO Quits Amid Ongoing Hack Fallout

As potential legal liabilities for the company behind Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people, continue to mount, the firm's co-founder and CEO has stepped down. A statement issued today by Avid Life Media said Noel Biderman, "in mutual agreement with the company," will no longer work with the organization he helped launch in 2001.

Until a new CEO is appointed, "the company will be led by the existing senior management team," according to a statement. That team and Biderman's eventual successor will be left to deal with the fallout of a July hack that earlier this month saw the public release of information about millions of Ashley Madison's customers.

On August 18, a group calling itself the "Impact Team" that took responsibility for breaking into Ashley Madison's systems earlier this summer published 9.7 gigabtyes of data about the site's users on the dark web. Since then, Avid Life Media has been hit with several class action lawsuits that could see the company on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, while further data dumps have implicated Biderman and other company officials in some questionable behavior.

'in the Best Interest of the Company'

A second, even larger, dump of data -- about 19 gigabytes' worth -- from the Ashley Madison hack appeared online two days after the first. It contained an opening message that stated, "Hey Noel, you can admit it's real now," presumably in response to Biderman's comments after the first dump that alleged the data was not legitimate.

Today's statement from Avid Life Media noted that Biderman's departure is "in the best interest of the company and allows us to continue to provide support to our members and dedicated employees. We are steadfast in our commitment to our customer base."

Based in Toronto, Avid Life...

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