Are USB Flash Drives Still Relevant? Experts Say Yes

Technology has seemingly developed at the speed of light over the last few years. And what was once cutting edge technology is now seen as outdated. However one piece of equipment that has stayed at the forefront of the computer world is USB flash drives.

Compact, portable and inherently useful, flash drives make transporting pieces of information simple, quick and easy. And Data Memory Systems, a leading supplier of computer memory in the US, has celebrated the tried and trusted devices, despite them facing stiff competition from other means of data storage, such as The Cloud and file-sharing platforms.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, "Flash drives are priceless for a lot of people. They enable students, business owners and even your average Joe to access files on the go without the use of an internet connection."

The increasing popularity of The Cloud, OneDrive and file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox have seemingly changed the way people save and store files. Allowing individuals and businesses alike to upload documents, files and work to the internet and access them from elsewhere, they have proven to be incredibly useful. However there are downsides to using online storage.

The online nature of such storage is the main downside. Although internet is accessible in more places than ever before, it isn't always available - or reliable. This can cause problems should files need to be accessed there and then. The costs associated with online storage can also be a bugbear for many. Many services do offer up their services for free, but this is dependent on staying within the storage limits. This is generally okay if used by an individual, but for businesses - or even those who have a lot of files to store - a couple of Gigabytes is simply not enough. Upgrading...

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