Apple Watch App Store Opens with Over 3000 Apps

The Apple Watch officially made its debut on Thursday. Considering pre-orders of the iconic brandEUs smart watch hit nearly 1 million in the United States alone, Apple is expecting plenty of profits. App makers may also get in on the game.

As it turns out, when it comes to the Apple Watch thereEUs an app for that. The Apple Watch store opened with over 3,000 apps. Apple CEO had promised 1,000 apps at launch so this strong opening beats both tech analyst and consumer expectations.

By way of comparison, Samsung didnEUt hit the 3,000 app mark until its Gear wearables app store was 18 months old. From financial services apps like Receipt Bank to healthcare apps like Cue by Humana to instant messaging apps like DeNA and beyond, it seems big brands and small app developers alike rushed to get in on the Apple Watch hype.

The Sheer Possibilities

The Apple Watch lets you send messages, read e-mail and answer calls to your iPhone from your wrist. There's a Taptic Engine that alerts you with a tap so you don't miss notifications. Meanwhile, Digital Touch lets you communicate by sending a sketch, a tap or using the rhythm of your heartbeat. The device even comes equipped with Apple Pay and health and fitness features.

Apple Watch is available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport, priced at $349 and $399; Apple Watch, available from $549 to $1,099; and Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys, with prices starting at $10,000.

Despite the $349 price tag, Apple will account for a quarter of the wearable computing devices market in 2015, selling about 20 million Apple Watches by the end of 2015, predicts market research firm CCS Insight. That equals to about 7 percent of those who own compatible iPhones at the time the...

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