Apple v. Samsung: Court Rejects Samsung’s Latest Appeal

A federal appeals court Thursday refused to re-examine Samsung's appeal of a stinging 2012 jury verdict that found the tech giant violated Apple's iPhone patents.

Without comment, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Samsung's bid to reconsider a previous ruling largely backing Apple -- leaving the U.S. Supreme Court as the only legal option left for Samsung to try to overturn hundreds of millions of dollars in damages it now owes Apple in their ongoing patent feud.

Samsung had urged the Federal Circuit to rehear the case with its full 12-judge roster, arguing that a three-judge panel erred earlier this year when it left intact a jury's verdict that the South Korean tech giant's smartphones and tablets infringed on Apple's design patents.

That part of the verdict -- which has been pared from an original judgment of $1 billion -- accounts for about $400 million of the $548 million in damages Samsung still must pay Apple from their first trial.

The Washington, D.C.-based appeals court, which reviews all patent appeals, upheld the centerpiece of Apple's case against Samsung, which rested on claims that Samsung's smartphones and tablets violated Apple's patent rights on the iPhone.

Silicon Valley heavyweights such as Google, Facebook and Hewlett-Packard backed Samsung's request for a rehearing, but the appeals court declined. Samsung could not immediately be reached for comment, but can petition the Supreme Court to review the case.

Samsung appealed a San Jose jury's August 2012 verdict that it violated Apple's patent or trademark rights in 23 products, such as the Galaxy S2 smartphone, as well as about $930 million in damages awarded to the iPhone maker. The case, known as "Apple I," was the first of two trials between the feuding tech titans. Another federal jury last year found Samsung copied iPhone technology in more recent products, but awarded...

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