Apple Updates iMac Lineup with Beefed Up Processors, Better Displays

A new lineup of iMac desktops and peripherals will feature enhanced Retina displays and bring the companyEUs Force Touch functionality to users. Apple announced today that the updated iMacs will also feature beefed up processors and graphics cards, along with new storage options.

The new accessories, meanwhile, are all part of AppleEUs wireless Magic line, including the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2. The company is hyping the redesigned forms of the devices as more comfortable for users. However, the disposable batteries in the Magic devices have been replaced with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which might irk users who are not impressed with AppleEUs battery technology.

Bigger and Smaller

The Magic Trackpad 2 comes equipped with Force Touch technology, the variable-pressure interface system Apple first introduced on its laptops. Force Touch allows people to use different levels of pressure to initiate actions such as looking up words, previewing files, or displaying maps. In addition to the new feature, the surface of the trackpad is also 29 percent larger than its predecessor.

In contrast, Apple is touting its new Magic Keyboard as an upgrade thatEUs smaller than its predecessor, taking up 13 percent less space on the desk and sporting a smaller profile. The new iMacs will come standard with the new Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2, with customers able to order the new Magic Trackpad 2 as options.

The new models in the lineup will also come with AppleEUs Fusion Drive, a hybrid flash and hard disk storage drive designed to offer the capacity of a traditional drive with the speed of solid state memory. Configurations range from a 1 TB hard drive with 24 GB of flash to 3 TB hard drives with 128 GB of flash. Customers can also select all-flash drives up to 1 TB. ...

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