Apple Unveils New iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and iOS 8

Cupertino, California was awash in reporters and news helicopters today, as Apple CEO, Tim Cook, unveiled brand-new, much anticipated products from his company. Among the most significant new products to be announced were two new versions of the companyEUs flagship product, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

As predicted in the months leading up to todayEUs announcement, the iPhone 6 will boast a screen measuring 4.7EU, while the iPhone Plus features a 5.5EU screen. The new form-factors bring AppleEUs smartphones more in line with the iPhoneEUs top competitor, the Samsung line of smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Watching the Watch

After announcing the new iPhones, Tim Cook unveiled a completely new product line, consisting of the Apple Watch, which has a square, metallic-framed face. The question now to be answered is to what extent consumers would be interested in wearing an Apple Watch, especially as the use of wrist watches has declined significantly in recent years, partially due to the increase in carrying smartphones, which tell time.

The new iPhones were described by Tim Cook as having an increased battery life, between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the type of applications being used.

At the same time, Apple unveiled its new operating system, which powers all its mobile devices, including the various versions of the iPhone and iPad. iOS 8 promises to deliver to the iPhone an experience more similar to that of an iPad, with better use of the EUlandscapeEU or horizontal view of the screen. This could be important in many applications including those used by business and enterprise users.

Glitz and Glitch

Among the more entertaining aspects of the Apple presentation were the Video glitches that occurred in the live feed of Tim CookEUs presentation. As Cook was set to present the companyEUs new products, the live feed...

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