Apple Stock Falls Amid New iPhone Glitches

Apple's stock fell nearly 3 percent on Thursday, after some customers complained that a software update interfered with voice calls on their new iPhones, while others noted that the larger iPhone model could be vulnerable to bending.

The stock decline led a broader decline in technology shares.

While the bending problem may not be widespread, Apple was forced to withdraw the software update because of glitches that appeared to primarily affect customers who had purchased the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. Late Wednesday, the company offered users a way to manually reverse the update provided earlier in the day.

Apple said affected users can connect their phone to a Mac or Windows computer and download a file to restore an earlier version of the iOS 8 software. Apple offered a Web page with instructions:

The company had begun distributing the update Wednesday morning to fix several issues in last week's iOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPads. Hours later, it pulled the update, dubbed iOS 8.0.1, after some people complained it rendered their phones unable to make calls and caused problems with a feature that lets people unlock their phones with their fingerprint.

Users are still able to the upgrade older phones to last week's version of iOS 8, which Apple said has already been downloaded to nearly half of all iOS devices. Apple said it will release iOS 8.0.2 soon to address both last week's glitches and the new ones.

It's not uncommon for new software to contain bugs that have to be fixed with subsequent releases. Apple has also grappled with other problems affecting new iPhones in the past -- most notably, the complaints about poor reception and dropped calls that affected new iPhone 4 models when they were released in 2010.

Meanwhile, social media sites were buzzing Wednesday with reports...

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