Apple Rumor Roundup: New iPhone 7 Colors, 10.5-Inch iPad

With the clock ticking toward Apple's scheduled fall release of the iPhone 7, iOS 10, macOS Sierra and more, the rumor mill about new products and changes by the company is switching into high gear.

Several outlets are reporting leaked images purporting to show the iPhone 7 Plus in new colors, including black and rose gold. There are also reports that Apple is in talks that could lead to Twitter livestreaming NFL games on Apple TV, and an analyst is predicting a future that includes a 10.5-inch iPad and an iPhone featuring a flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display.

Via more official channels, Apple has released the beta 6 version of iOS 10 for developers, along with a fifth version of the public beta of its mobile operating system. Over the weekend, CEO Tim Cook also told The Washington Post that his company had just sold its one billionth iPhone.

'Every Person Will Have a Smartphone'

As his fifth anniversary at the helm of Apple approaches, Cook told The Post that while the DNA of the company has not changed during that time, Apple has grown considerably in size, moved into new wellness-focused areas with the launch of the Apple Watch and stepped up its social responsibility.

Cook added that the global market for smartphones keeps expanding as PC sales continue to decline. With the iPhone, Apple expects to keep operating in "an unbelievable product category" rather than looking ahead to a future that might not be as bright as its past has been, he said.

"Over time, I'm convinced every person in the world will have a smartphone," Cook said. "That may take a while, and they won't all have iPhones. But it is the greatest market on earth from a consumer electronics point of view."

At the same time, however, Cook...

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