Apple Pushes iOS Update To Fix Epic Security Blunder

Hacks and bugs are almost unavoidable with any piece of software but a recent vulnerability found in AppleEUs iOS has many experts surprised and worried. The tech giant spent the weekend trying to come out with fixes for a vulnerability that was first noticed by researchers in iOS and then later, Mac OS X as well.

The vulnerability is reportedly caused by a simple change in the iOS code that allows hackers to intercept and compromise sensitive banking information as well as other forms of communication like e-mail. One of the most concerning aspects of the so-called Gotofail bug is that it has been present in iOS for a significant period of time, leaving people with older iOS 6 devices at risk.

A Major Bug

Even though all of the details regarding the Gotofail bug have not been released to the public, researchers and experts who have found the issue for themselves are saying that it is a worst-case scenario.

EUImpact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS,EU according to a statement from Apple. This means that if a hacker is near a target device, he can use the vulnerability found in iOS and Mac OS X devices to steal information or alter communications to spread malware.

The bug, which affects the EUgotoEU call command, simply allows a hacker to circumvent the SSL security system present in AppleEUs software. Not only is this a simple hack, it is a flaw that is not unheard of when using EUgotoEU commands. Normally the use of a simple piece of code like this would be fine, but somehow, a person was able to alter AppleEUs code directly.

Any malicious piece of code that targets SSL security can leave a device completely open to a variety of...

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