Apple Pay Means Double Pay for Some Users

Complaints of double charges and frequent crashes from users of AppleEUs new electronic payment system are marring the launch of the companyEUs newest service offering. The double-charge bug seemed to be affecting Bank of America customers using their Visa credit cards for Apple Pay.

Still Working Out the Kinks

The system, which launched earlier this week, also seems to be befuddling cashiers who might have failed to stay up to date on AppleEUs latest innovations. Since the transaction requires only that users hold their iPhones close to a near field communication (NFC) reader while pressing their thumb on the handsetEUs TouchID sensor, many clerks are not even aware the customer has paid for their transaction. Others have insisted that their terminals will not accept Apple Pay, only to watch successful transactions go through without a hitch.

In some cases, cashiers at drive-through windows have been bewildered by requests from customers to hold their phones up to the restaurants NFC readers. In others, the NFC readers have been installed in such a way that they are inaccessible to customers, forcing them to hand their phones over to cashiers.

In-app purchases, meanwhile, have also given some users trouble, with some apps that have agreed to accept Apple Pay still not providing an option to do so. Perhaps ironically, online purchases have also proven to be tricky for some users.

Customer Service Limbo

Apple Pay has an opportunity to succeed at making digital payments catch on in a way none of its competitors has yet been able to duplicate. But the technology is still showing the sorts of bugs common in new technologies.

Among other complaints, users have reported that the app crashes frequently. The bug seems to plague owners of the 128-gigabyte model of the iPhone 6 Plus with more than 700 apps installed....

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