Apple Offers New Tools for iOS Application Developers

Mobile app developers hoping to gain a little more insight into how users discover their apps are in for some good news. Apple announced yesterday that it has updated its App Analytics tool to provide developers with exactly that.

The latest version of the tool will offer information such as what users were searching for when they discovered the apps, where they were on the iTunes app store, and where they previously had been on the Web.

The service will also include new information, such as metrics on source types, so that developers can analyze which referring apps and Web sites are the most effective at driving users to their products. That should help developers aiming to optimize their marketing campaigns.

More Love for Developers

The App Analytics tool made its debut two years ago as part of the Apple Developer Program to help developers measure user engagement, optimize marketing campaigns, and monetize their iOS apps.

Developers have also been using App Analytics to gain insight into how frequently their apps crash on different versions of the iOS operating system, filter groups of users based on the demographics captured in their Apple ID profiles, and measure the number of sessions, active devices, and retention of users.

This week?EU?s upgrade features four new data sources: App Store Browse, App Store Search, App Referrer and Web Referrer. The new information will help developers determine if new customers found their apps on Featured, Categories, or Top Charts listings in the App Store or by searching on specific keywords.

The new tools are likely to be particularly helpful for smaller developers trying to squeeze the most out of modest marketing budgets. Apple has been showing its smaller iOS developers much more love recently, with a revamped version of its developer Web site that offers more...

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