Apple Goes After Enterprises with iPad Pro

If there were any doubts, the name alone should clear them up. After years of rumors that Apple would be developing a version of the iPad for business users, the not-so-subtly named iPad Pro was launched at the companyEUs annual event yesterday. And it made no attempt to hide its ambitions to target enterprise clients.

At first glance, the Pro seems to be designed with significantly different uses in mind from the other models in the iPad line. ItEUs the first to come with a detachable keyboard (although it has to be bought separately), AppleEUs first concession that other tablets, such as Microsoft's Surface, might be on to something.

Pencil for Designers

Apple also introduced a new stylus for the iPad Pro, despite the companyEUs famous disdain for such accessories. While third parties have been selling styli for the iPad for some time, they generally havenEUt been good for much more than note taking, since theyEUve lacked the pressure-sensitive technology necessary to allow them to imitate pen or pencil strokes.

The Apple Pencil addresses that problem, allowing graphic designers and other artists to use the iPad Pro as a digital sketchpad, similar to other professional graphic design devices, such as the Wacom tablets. Like the keyboard, the Pencil will be sold separately.

The company was vocal about the advantages the iPad Pro has for professionals and enterprise clients. EUThe new iPad Pro will enable a new generation of advanced apps for everything from productivity, design, illustration, engineering and medical to education, gaming and entertainment,EU Apple said in a statement.

Philip Schiller, AppleEUs senior vice president of worldwide marketing, also emphasized that the new accessories the company is offering for the iPad Pro add to its utility and flexibility for a variety of uses in the workplace. EUThe innovative Apple Pencil and...

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