Apple and IBM Launch More Enterprise iOS Apps

A second wave of mobile enterprise apps from IBM and Apple puts a focus on the healthcare industry, with new tools for hospital nurses and home care service professionals. Other new MobileFirst apps are designed for industrial, retail, insurance and airline users.

IBM and Apple announced their new mobile enterprise partnership last year, and rolled out their first wave of apps in December. The goal is to eventually develop and release more than 100 mobile apps for enterprise iOS users in a wide range of industries.

By combining forces, the companies aim to help enterprise customers make more effective use of iPads and iPhones in the workplace by integrating these devices with IBM's big data and analytics capabilities. Among the companies already using the initial MobileFirst apps are Air Canada, Banorte, Citi and Sprint. The UK-based chain Boots has also started using an app to provide retail assistants with real-time data on stock availability, in-store ordering and other services for customers.

Coordinating Healthcare Teams

Released with little fanfare this time around, the second wave of iOS enterprise apps includes four new tools for the healthcare industry: Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech and Home RN. According to IBM, the new offerings are designed to reduce costs, help coordinate care across multiple teams and "empower healthcare workers with unprecedented support so they can focus on patient care."

Hospital RN, for example, lets nurses use their iPhones to access patient diagnoses and care plans, manage discharge orders, view patient requests, receive safety alerts and optimize task planning with other staff members. It also allows RNs to access location-specific iBeacon technology, which displays relevant data about different patients based on the proximity of their rooms.

Similar information and task management services are available to other healthcare workers through Hospital Lead (for charge nurses and...

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