Apple Aims To Revive iPad Sales with More Business Apps

Facing a worldwide consumer market that appears to be losing interest in tablets, Apple is looking to revive the fortunes of its iPad line by teaming up with companies that develop business and productivity apps. Apple is working with more than 40 tech companies to create new apps aimed at boosting the iPad's appeal in the workplace, according to reports.

Global tablet sales have been declining, and Apple's iPad hasn't been immune from the trend. The company's latest financial data shows that iPad unit sales dropped by 18 percent between Q3 2014 and Q3 2015, while iPad revenues fell by 23 percent.

Flagging tablet sales can be attributed in large part to "little hardware innovation and limited vendor portfolio updates," according to IDC. Apple's under-the-radar "mobility partner program" is reportedly aimed at changing that picture by providing enterprise users with a new suite of interconnected apps for accounting, sales, retail operations and other business tasks.

100 Mobile Apps with IBM

As business users become increasingly untethered from their offices, technology companies are looking for new ways to bring once-deskbound applications into the mobile landscape. It's an especially promising area for Apple, which -- while not a leader in the office desktop environment -- has a commanding presence with iOS as the enterprise mobile operating system of choice.

While it appears to be keeping many details of its mobility partner program under wraps, Apple has publicly shown its interest in that space in other ways.

Last July, the company unveiled a new partnership with IBM aimed at developing "a new class of business apps" to transform enterprise mobility. The two companies have so far released two waves of iOS enterprise apps focused on the special needs of sectors like banking, energy, government, healthcare, industry, insurance, retail, telecommunications and travel, with a total of...

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