Android’s Andy Rubin: Future of Tech Is Quantum Computing and AI

Could artificial intelligence (AI) soon become so powerful that it can run every connected device we own? The answer is yes, according to Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android and leader of Google?EU?s robotic efforts. Between quantum computing and advancements in artificial intelligence, a conscious intelligence could emerge that would help form the foundation of every piece of technology, said Rubin.

Quantum computing refers to exponential increases in processing power made possible in part by exploiting the probabilistic nature of physics, Rubin said yesterday at Bloomberg's Tech Conference in San Francisco. "If you have computing that is as powerful as this could be, you might only need one [machine]," he said. "It might not be something you carry around; it just has to be conscious."

Walking Mobile Sensors

Rubin (pictured above) has a stake in bringing his theoretical ideas to life. His investment fund, Playground Global, is helping to fund companies trying to turn his quantum predictions into reality. One computing company, which Rubin didn?EU?t name, is researching the idea of commercializing quantum devices via conventional manufacturing means, something that hasn?EU?t yet been done.

A lot of future innovation will take place at the intersection of quantum computing, AI, and robotics, according to Rubin. "In order for AI to blossom and fulfill consumer needs, it has to be about data," he told conference attendees. "That's where robotics come in -- robots are walking mobile sensors, who can sense their environment and interact and learn from those interactions."

As futuristic as it all sounds, Rubin?EU?s vision is not unrealistic, Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told us today. His concept is plausible, Enderle said. "In effect, AI will likely manage everything around us at some point, including our perception of reality. Some argue that this may have already happened," he said. "His comment on...

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