Android 7.0 Nougat To Make It Easier To Switch from iOS

While Apple and Google are both trying to keep their users within their own ecosystems, one thing that annoys users is switching from one platform to another. However, Android 7.0 will help.

The newly released updated software Nougat OS lists "An iPhone or iPad device" as one of the setup options when you boot it up on a new device, which will take you to the Android switch URL on the web.

However, if you have tried it out, getting your iTunes music, Apple email and everything else over to Google's equivalent services isn't always simple, even with Google guiding you through the process. There are five steps to getting contacts from iCloud to Google, for example.

Even with Google's cross platform approach to apps, it is actually better if you stick to using Google services on an iPhone if you might want to switch to Android one day. Then again, if you are already invested in Apple's apps, Nougat's new option might help.

On the other hand, Switching from Android to iOS is much easier, and Apple already helps you do it with a dedicated app that works mostly automatically - Google has built its email, contacts and calendar platforms to be more friendly to other apps and operating systems.

If you are considering getting a new Nougat device to replace your iPhone, then the new setup option will make it easy. However, there are just some things like iTunes, that makes it a mundane task.

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