‘Amicable’ Split Between GT Advanced Technologies, Apple

Apple has reportedly agreed to an "amicable" split with GT Advanced Technologies, a New Hampshire-based supplier that abruptly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month. Under the terms of the proposed breakup, a document filed by GT that outlines some of the company's terms with Apple would be kept under seal, with any extant paper or electronic copies to be destroyed.

GT was to have produced the sapphire glass needed for some versions of Apple's soon-to-launch Apple Watch. Following GT's Chapter 11 filing, announced on Oct. 6, Apple submitted an objection in the New Hampshire District of U.S .Bankruptcy Court seeking a blanket seal on a set of documents known as the Supplemental Squiller Declaration. Those documents, filed by GT COO Daniel Squiller, reportedly detailed Apple's "oppressive and burdensome" contract provisions with GT.

Under the breakup agreement announced by GT's attorneys on Tuesday -- but yet to be approved by the court -- those documents would remain under seal as Apple had requested. The proposed deal also calls for GT to try and sell more than 2,000 furnaces that Apple had helped it purchase for sapphire production at its Mesa, Arizona, factory, with any proceeds from those sales going to help pay off the company's estimated $439 million debt to Apple.

No Sapphire Screens for iPhone 6

GT had partnered with Apple to produce scratch-resistant sapphire-crystal glass for some of the company's products. There had been speculation that Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might feature GT sapphire screens. However, when the new phones hit the market on Sept. 19, they retained the traditional glass screens manufactured by Corning. Only the devices' camera lenses and TouchID buttons are made with sapphire glass.

Some versions of the Apple Watch set for release in 2015, though, are believed likely to...

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