AMD Intros Next-Gen, High-Performance Zen x86 Processor Core

Chipmaker AMD has seen the future, and the future is power. Computing power, anyway. The firm announced Wednesday that it is refocusing its efforts toward a strategy focusing on building high-end products designed for the high-performance and enterprise markets. The company is placing its bets on its latest chip, a x86 processor codenamed EUZen.EU

EUWe see strong long-term growth opportunities across a diverse set of markets for the kind of high-performance compute and visualization capabilities only AMD can provide,EU said newly-minted AMD President and CEO Lisa Su (pictured). EUWe are focusing our investments on our strongest opportunities to enable our customers to create great products that push the boundaries of what is possible and allow AMD to achieve profitable growth in the years to come.EU

Hoping for a Comeback

AMD made the announcement at its 2015 Financial Analyst Day, which took place at the Nasdaq MarketSite. Although the company was once a credible rival for market leader Intel, particularly with regard to gaming and budget machines, AMD now commands only a fraction of the processor market and has been hemorrhaging money. Su, who was appointed CEO in October, no doubt hopes that a new strategic focus will help the chipmaker find its footing again.

Among the new developments AMD showcased at the event are its next-generation, 64-bit x86 and ARM processor cores, which the company is betting on to drive its re-entry into the high-performance desktop and server markets through improved instructions per clock of up to 40 percent, compared to AMDEUs current x86 processor core. Zen will also feature simultaneous multi-threading for higher throughput and a new cache subsystem, the company said.

It also announced an update to its custom, enterprise-class 64-bit ARM K12 core. The K12 is designed for efficiency and is aimed at servers and embedded workloads. And the...

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